Wireless Vibration Gen 2 Sensor

Wireless Vibration Gen 2 Sensor Overview Features Specs Documents Phantom Gen 2 (EPH-V17 & V18) | Wireless Triaxial Vibration Sensor The new member of the Phantom family. Nearly the same specs as the Phantom Expert and Phantom ATEX Vibration sensors but now smaller! Phantom Gen 2 is a Triaxial Wireless Vibration Sensor able to send 3 simultaneous FFT … Read more

All in One Phantom Vibration Current Temperature

Multiparameter Sensor | Vibration, Current Temperature Overview Features Specs Documents Phantom All in One (EPH-U14) | Vibration, Current Temperature Meet the new member of the Phantom family. Take 3 types of measurement parameters with only one module: Vibration, Current and Temperature. Our Phantom condition monitoring system will help you to predict machine failures and save … Read more

ATEX Certified Triaxial Wireless Vibration Sensor

Overview Features Specs Documents Phantom ATEX (EPH-ATX15 & ATX16) | Triaxial Vibration Sensor with ATEX Certificación The Phantom ATEX Bluetooth Accelerometer is the new wireless vibration sensor in the Phantom family. With the same features as the other Phantom vibration sensors but with ¡ATEX Class II certification (Ex ic IIC T6 Gc X & Ex … Read more

Wireless Vibration Sensors

Wireless Vibration Analyzers

Wireless Vibration Sensors​ What is a Wireless Vibration Sensor​ A Wireless Vibration Sensor is a device that includes an Accelerometer and is capable of measuring vibration and send it to a receiver using a Wireless protocol. Depending on the wireless protocol used, some of these sensors may even transmit data in real time. Hence having the capability … Read more

Wireless General Purpose Sensor

Wireless General Purpose Sensor Overview Specs Documents EPH-G60 | Wireless General Purpose Sensor Use it with any available Sensor in the Market. The general purpose wireless sensors are able to monitor virtually any type of signal and is compatible with other kind of sensors including: Displacement, speed and proximity. All our General Purpose wireless sensors … Read more

Wireless Thermocouple Sensor

Wireless Thermocouple Sensor Overview Features Specs Documents EPH-T25 | Wireless Thermocouple Sensor Easily connect any type of Thermocouple sensor (K). This Wireless Thermocouple Sensor can record accurately from -210ºC up to 1,800ºC.  His battery last as long as any other Phantom sensor and can be easily replaced if needed.Phantom EPH-T21 is a Bluetooth Temperature Sensor … Read more

EPH-C30 Wireless Current Sensor

EPH-C31 Wireless Current Sensor Overview Features Specs Documents EPH-C31 | Wireless Current Sensor – 3 Phases Phantom EPH-C31 is a Wireless Current Sensor with 3 channels (Amperage) which uses three simple Current Transformer sensors for installation. Easily monitor the AC electrical current of your machines and devices. This sensor is meant for either measuring 3 phases on … Read more

Wireless Speed Sensor

Wireless Speed Sensor Overview Features Specs Documents EPH-S40 | Wireless Speed Sensor This Wireless Speed Sensor uses a Hall effect switch and a neodymium magnet, all included in the kit. As a result, you can easily analyze the revolutions per minute of any rotor, turbine or vent with incredible precision. Condition Monitoring & Industrial Automation … Read more

Wireless Temperature Sensor – Infrared

Wireless Temperature Sensor – Infrared Overview Features Specs Documents EPH-T20 | Wireless Temperature Sensor – Infrared This Wireless Temperature Sensor embeds an IR sensor and brings you the commodity of technology: No wires. The sensor can read temperature up to +380°C with a distance of 1 meter using a high technology thermo receptor with an amazing accuracy. His battery last … Read more

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless Vibration Sensor Overview Features Specs Documents EPH-V11E | Triaxial Wireless Vibration Sensor – High G’s Phantom Expert is a Triaxial Wireless Vibration Sensor able to send 3 simultaneous FFT and Time waveform recordings at once. Also, our Wireless Vibration Sensor wake up on high vibration levels in order to send data and alarms.As an … Read more

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