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We develop state-of-the-art innovative technologies for vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, and machine alignment.


To be recognized as the leading manufacturer of analytical equipment that improves machine health worldwide.

It is hard to imagine how a small idea can transform lives of so many people.

– I just had an idea! what if I buy a photo-resistor, a resistor and try to make an optical sensor for balancing along with my accelerometer -. I went to the local store and bought those 2 things and Aha!… like they say, the rest is history. Erbessd Instruments was born.

At one time I was on the other side….a customer, Vibration Analyzers were entirely too expensive and limited my ability to become an independent vibration analyst. At the beginning I just wanted to build a Vibration Analyzer for my self and my own business, but others started to have a lot of interest in my device. With a little expertise in electronics and programming I started an adventure…and a few months later my best partner (my wife) Pao would join me.  Progressively more very valuable people began believing in this idea of making balancing and vibration affordable and Erbessd Instruments began to thrive with our entire team focused on bringing vibration analysis to the world at a fair price.

Since the very beginning small businesses and service companies have adopted our platform to service the industrial market. We are so thankful to all our early customers who believed in us, “Thank you All, we will not disappoint you”.

Today’s biggest (but not less important) customers among others are:

Google Inc, Harvard University, The United States Navy, The United States National Laboratories, McGill University, Amazon, Baltimore Aircoil, Halifax Fan, Pfizer, and many more…

We are proud to announce that in 2018 we acquired our 3rdand largest facility where we are focusing on building the next generation ISO:9001 Manufacturing Facility.

Dr. Thierry Erbessd

Dr. Thierry Erbessd

Founder, President & Chief Innovation Officer

My grandfather said it best…listen, twice as much as you talk.

That is why Erbessd Instruments continues to thrive. The entire team is fervidly focused on delivering the very best customer experience possible. We listen to our customers. Customer feedback drives innovation at Erbessd Instruments, and we are proud to innovate faster than any of our competitors. 

Having spent my entire career in the maintenance and reliability industry starting as a Journeyman Aircraft Maintenance Specialist in the United States Air Force, and serving in roles as a Vibration Analyst, Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Manager, and Plant Manager in the civilian sector; I found the instrumentation costs associated with achieving the results I needed was ridiculously high. I found myself paying maintenance agreements where the vendor was not offering any form of maintenance or enhanced capabilities; and frustrated with the big corporate philosophy of the major predictive maintenance equipment manufacturers.

My first entrance into the predictive maintenance equipment manufacturing industry was with an entrepreneurial vibration analyzer manufacturer and software development company from New Zealand where I served as a Director. The focus on customer service and support was one of the most enduring qualities of working within this organization. Then, like many others, I found myself in the middle of an acquisition by one of the biggest companies in the world. Having already worked for this global company I had no desire to go back to being a number without a voice.

Staying true to my entrepreneurial spirit I decided to leave the New Zealand company and spent several years working with prominent maintenance and reliability focused companies. During this time, I also worked in academia as a Professor with several universities and colleges. In late 2015, Dr. Erbessd and I discussed the potential of partnering together to bring Erbessd Instruments to the global market.

Since early 2016 I’ve served as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice-President of Sales and Distribution for Erbessd Instruments where creating a culture focused on providing the very best support, service, and products at an affordable price has been my focus. We say no to maintenance agreements, we price our products fairly, and we endeavor to be the Google or Tesla of the Predictive Maintenance and IIoT industries. We are the Masters of Machine Health.

Dr. M. David Howard, CRE, CMRP, CSSBB

Dr. M. David Howard, CRE, CMRP, CSSBB

Chief Executive Officer & EVP - Distribution & Sales


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