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About Us

About Us

With more than four-decades of unwavering commitment to excellence and quality, our mission is to simplify and improve the experience for our customers. Since our inception, we have led the way in the research and development of vibration analysis software and hardware, pioneering the market with high-tech products and innovative solutions.

Innovation in Vibration Analysis and Technology

We are the creators of DigivibeMX®, a globally recognized vibration analysis software platform. We are proud to extend this development to other versatile and intuitive applications, and leading the industry in IIoT technology with our Phantom® eco-system of Machine Health Surveillance and Monitoring sensors. Another innovative solution developed by ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is DragonVision®, an advanced video processing software application that detects microscopic displacement and visualizes vibrations utilizing video deflection technology.

Another outstanding product developed by the ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS team is WiSER Vibe®, a mobile application that facilitates on-site analysis and balancing utilizing mobile devices, offering convenient vibration data-collection and analysis in the palm of your hand. Rounding out our solutions, we have created EI ANALYTIC®, a powerful cloud-based software solution and machine history database that allows real-time monitoring of machinery status, and offering an indispensable tool for the industry that enables the visualization of equipment status from anywhere in the world.

Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing

Condition monitoring is fundamental for the prevention of damage to machinery. Since our humble beginnings over fourty-years ago we have been manufacturing portable balancing machines and soft-bearing suspensions, enabling easy on-site balancing, and shop balancing, with industry leading accuracy. Our EI-SERIES® balancing machines can accomodate rotors from 30kg to 50 tons.

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Vibration analyzers

Additionally, we specialize in the design and development of advanced vibration analysis technology. We use sensors for both route-based data collection, and continuous condition monitoring. These sensors, combined with industry leading software solutions, have the ability to predict failures long before they occur.

EI technology enables companies to anticipate potential problems and take preventative action, resulting in increased operational efficiency and a significant reduction in unplanned downtime.  Route-based data collection sensors are ideal for periodic, detailed machine inspections, while the continuous monitoring systems provide constant, real-time supervision of equipment status.

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Commitment to quality and the environment

We are an ISO:9001 certified company. All ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS products comply with high standards worldwide in their design, manufacturing and commercialization processes, guaranteeing the highest level of quality, and efficiency.

Additionally ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS has achieved numerous technical certifications for our hardware and software solutions..

Human Value: the key to success

The success of our company is based on human value. Over the years, we have built an incredible team of engineers and designers focused on the development of groundbreaking software and hardware solutions. We have subject matter experts in key areas such as design, manufacturing, quality, distribution, marketing and international logistics. This expertise is fundamental to ensure that our products help our customers achieve their goals. We take pride in our human capital management and talent development, because we enjoy doing our job. Our work motto is simple but powerful: “A happy company is invincible”.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our responsibility to our planet is paramount. With 60% of our facilities dedicated to green areas. We reduce our carbon footprint utilizing greeen energy solutions that provide 80% of the energy we use, water collection systems, a waste separation system, and a rich biodiversity of endemic flora and fauna at our facilities. Our commitment to a minimal environmental impact and footprint is a defining characteristic, fostering sustainability in all our operations.

Global Presence

With facilities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, England and India, our company is positioned as a world leader in vibration analysis technology and innovative solutions for machine health monitoring. We are passionately committed to excellence, innovation and sustainability.

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