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Phantom Gateway

The Phantom Gateway 2.0

The new Phantom Gateway 2.0 will give you full control of your analysis system in one easy to use place. It evolves the way you monitor the condition of your machines with its new features, centralizing all the information you need in a single administration panel.

The Phantom Gateway 2.0 offers features unmatched in the market including: offline mode, cloud connectivity, Modbus TCP/IP communication, MQTT protocol, OPC communication, mass configurations, simultaneous collection and more!

Centralized Administration

With the new Phantom Gateway 2.0 you will be able to manage all your sensor data from one place. Thanks to its immense processing power, it allows you to make massive modifications to the collection times, settings and alarms of all sensors in the area.

Visualize the data in real time from anywhere on your local network or anywhere in the world using EI-Analytic. View the current status of your machines with its simple and intuitive interface.

In addition, collect on-demand data at the touch of a button and view the signal in your database in seconds.

Offline Collection

Our new Phantom Gateway 2.0 can store up to 100,000 measurements completely offline. This will allow you to collect data in situations where it would normally be impossible for any other condition monitoring system.

Collect data while keeping all the date, time, machine, analysis point and equipment status data; then download the information to your computer or upload it to our EI-Analytic cloud. That’s it! You’re ready to continue collecting data while your sensor continues to collect data in its stand-alone mode.

Modbus TCP/IP communication

The Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol you already know and trust is now integrated directly into our new Gateway 2.0. With this advancement,  you can receive post-processed information directly into your automation system including:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Acceleration envelope
  • Displacement
  • Temperature
  • RPM
  • Electrical current
  • etc…

MQTT & OPC Protocol

MQTT is one of the most widely used communication protocols in IoT, compatible with services from large companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. The addition of our MQTT communication in the Phantom Gateway 2.0 opens the possibility for easier integration with pre-existing platforms in virtually any industry.

Additionally, OPC support will open the door for vital automation systems in the industry, with easy interfacing and reliable data collection in very small time intervals.

Read the tutorial

Multiple Power Supply options

Our Phantom Gateway 2.0 literally puts the power in your hands, with multiple power supply alternatives through two inputs.

Use the conventional 5 VDC at 2 A power supply or use a power supply from any available source with its new 9 to 24 VDC at 2 A input. The new Generation Gateway gives you the freedom to choose the power supply that is most convenient for you!

Secure Repeater Management

Our Gateway 2.0 can create a secure repeater network, fully managed from an intuitive control panel. This advanced system ensures all network communications are protected against unauthorized access, delivering peace of mind. 

The user-friendly control panel allows effortless management and real-time monitoring of all connected devices, even for those with minimal technical knowledge. Each repeater adheres to stringent security protocols, safeguarding the network’s integrity. Ideal for both small office environments and large-scale industrial settings, the Gateway 2.0 combines robust security with comprehensive administrative control.


USB Gateway (Portable Version)

Experience the full power of our Gateway 2.0 in a compact, portable form. The new USB Gateway brings all the advanced features and security of the Gateway 2.0, now conveniently sized to connect directly to your computer. This innovative version ensures secure network management on the go, maintaining the same level of control and protection as the original.

Read more about the new USB Gateway here.

Phantom Gateway evolution

Learn about the main hardware and software improvements we offer you with our new Phantom Gateway 2.0 version.


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