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Introducing Dragon Vision™

Incredible as it may seem, machine and structural vibration (or at least a large part of it) can be detected in a video recording with incredible resolution. Our unique video analysis algorithms make it possible to detect micro-movements and convert these movements into thousands of reliable vibration signals from just one video.

This new technique, named The Looking Glass Technique, saves a huge amount of man-hours in studies that were even impossible before.

Inspired by the iconic U-2 Dragonlady Spy-plane which has flown high altitude reconnaissance missions worldwide for more than 60 years DragonVision™ allows you to see what many cannot and take the necessary actions to eliminate the threat to your machines, and facilities.

The future of vibration analysis has arrived. Learn what DragonVision™ Software is capable of.

What is Dragon Vision?

DragonVision™ Video Deflection Technology is Vibration Analysis software that tracks very small movements within ordinary video recordings. Through complex algorithms, DragonVision™ compares each one of the frames of the video looking for microscopic movements of specific points. Later, it subsequently converts the results into vibration signals. In fact, DragonVision™ can detect thousands of vibration points in a single video. Thus, making it an ideal tool for various types of vibration analysis that would otherwise take a long time to complete.

Learn more about The Looking Glass Technique

What type of video camera do I need?

Any camera works for DragonVision™. Although, the better the quality of the recording, the better the results.

In fact, tests made with a camera of an iPhone XS with slow motion recordings at 1 meter distance showed a resolution in amplitude of 0.1 thousandths of an inch (2.54 microns) and 120 Hz frequency (7,200 CPM). Which is  very useful for 95% of common machines.

Did you know that you have such a powerful vibration analyzer in your pocket?

Movement Amplification - Vibration Tracking - Dragon Vision
Vibration Tracking - Dragon Vision

What failures can I diagnose with Dragon Vision™?

There are many failures that can be detected with Dragon Vision. Mainly those related to low frequencies and phase. For example:

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Bent Shaft
  • Eccentricity
  • Resonance
  • Natural Frequencies (By bump test)
  • Electric Noise

Phase Analysis with Dragon Vision

Advanced Phase Analysis can be done “out of the box” in 5 minutes. It is as easy as just recording the video, processing it and select some globes to show the amount of vibration and Phase Shift between the selected point.

Dragon Vision-Phase Analysis

Vibration Zone Detection

Virtually immediately. DragonVision™ is able to identify the areas with the greatest vibration through a micro-movement detection algorithm. Even isolating and filtering the movements of your own hand while holding the camera.

Dragon Vision motion detection
Differential Vibration - Dragon Vision

Differential Vibration Analysis

Differential Vibration Analysis is a study that measures the vibration of one object by subtracting the vibration of another object, creating a whole new signal and FFT. As an example, to measure the vibration of a motor subtracting the vibration from its own base (which could be generated by a larger blower or by another motor). Thus, identifying the vibration produced exclusively by this motor.


Differential vibration analysis is a technique rarely made now a days due to the impossibility of performing it using current techniques. Using the Looking Glass Technique this is very easy to do because you only need to select a reference area in order to subtract its vibration from the rest of the points.

Full Vibration Analysis Features

DragonVision™ includes all of the common vibration analysis features and more. Adding full compatibility with our Vibration Analyzer DigivibeMX

  • TWF analysis
  • FFT
  • Orbits
  • harmonics markers
  • Side Bands
  • Phase 
  • Units: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
Dragon Vision - Vibration Analysis Features
Dragon Vision Non Invasive Analysis

Non-Invasive Vibration Analysis

Accelerometers change the behavior of the surfaces to which they are attached usually because of their weight. Thus, becoming a problem when analyzing small machines or objects like small motors, cables, etc.

DragonVision™ offers a solution to this problem. Since you don’t need to attach any sensors to the surfaces, object deflections will occur naturally.

Large scale vibration analysis

Another solution offered by DragonVision™ is vibration analysis for large scale objects, such as Buildings, Bridges, Large Ships, Airplanes. To which conventional Vibration Analysis methods are difficult and expensive to implement.

Engineer installing Phantom sensor on machine
Dragon Vision - Band Pass Filters

Filters in DragonVision™

DragonVision™ incorporates multiple filters for analyzing your videos. Such as:

Band Pass Filters: They allow to filter areas of the spectrum in order to track the movement at multiple frequencies at the same time.
Single Frequency Filters: They allow you to focus on a particular frequency to isolate the rest of the failures during the process. Thus, allowing you to do phase analysis and specific simulations.
Reference zone: It allows you to set a reference zone. DragonVision™ will subtract the movement of this area from the rest of the points to complete a differential analysis. This is also very useful for cases in which movement of the camera is impacted by your hand or background vibration.

Anti-Aliasing Filter

DragonVision™ incorporates an anti-aliasing filter developed by Erbessd Instruments® that uses cross-channel comparison. In this way, nonexistent frequencies produced by the Aliasing phenomenon due to the low sampling rate of video cameras are eliminated from the FFT.
For more information on the “Aliasing” effect visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing

Wireless Accelerometer with Rugged case

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