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DigivibeMX M30 | A complete, reliable and productive system for Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing

DigivibeMX® M30 | A complete, reliable and productive system for Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing

DigivibeMX® M30 System is the Vibration Analyzer, Dynamic Balancer and Data Collector with more functions in the market. From simple Vibration analysis to complex 3D ODS vibration simulations, DigivibeMX® M30 is the best tool for predictive analysis and diagnosis for your machinery.

New version, more functional

Announcing the new DigivibeMX® M3 with a redesigned user interface, new functionalities, multi-language support, and many more features.

 1 & 2 Planes Balancing Tools

DigivibeMX® M10 offer dynamic balancing system tools and functions for both in situ and balancing machines.

With a single click, you start balancing. Its automated tracking filter allows identifying the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies caused by slightly changes of speed. The balancing speed range varies from 60 to 150,000 RPM, with signal recording times of up to 5 minutes 1.

Condition Monitoring

DigivibeMX® M30, is compatible with the best condition monitoring system in the market, the Phantom system, which is the most reliable online wireless machine health monitoring system on the market.

Click here to read more about Phantom™ ➤

Multiplatform Analisis

The best dynamic balancing, vibration analysis and condition monitoring tools at your fingertips. Tablet, Laptop, or Mobile… You choose the platform.

Connect to DigivibeMX® with WiSER™ Vibe by scanning a QR code, or access your cloud database through your EI-Analytic™ account on any device. 

With DigivibeMX®, you choose how you analyze your data.

Vibration Analysis & Predictive tools

DigivibeMX® M30 includes the following vibration analysis tools:
  • 3D Waterfalls
  • 3D ODS Simulations
  • QR code creator and reader
  • Automatic reports 2
  • Color-based database
  • Tendency curves with tendency analyzer
  • Machinery condition statistics
  • Database synchronization & compatibility 
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Phase
  • Orbits
  • Bode
  • Cross Power Spectrum
  • Frequency Response (FRF)
  • Coherence function
  • Spectrograph
  • Cross by Zero frequency
ODS 3D Simulation

ODS Simulations​

DigivibeMX® M30 integrates the Operating Deflection Shapes Simulation (ODS) in all its machinery databases.

When you create a new machine you can select a 3D model from the clipart library or a 3D File previously designed, to perform a 3D simulation immediately after making the route. Create your 3D model in your favorite 3D software such as 3DS Max, Blender, Solid Works, etc.

Alarms On!

DigivibeMX® M20 includes  multiple severities alarms, velocity, envelope alarms for all machinery. You can verify the machine health to prevent or fix failures quickly.

 Envelope Alarms

Severity Alarms

Make Your Balancing Wireless

With DigivibeMX® M10 and the best Single-axis Wireless Accelerometer in the market, the EI-WiSER™ , you can make the best dynamic balancing process without using any cables. Connect your computer or tablet to the EI-WiSER™ Wi-Fi network and balance. 

Click here to know more about the EI-WiSER


Rich Tooltips

The Rich Tooltips feature inside DigivibeMX® M10, allows you to understand every function before you use it as a Dynamic Balancing System.
Aim the cursor over any button and instantly will pop up a tooltip with animations and the explanation of the function; very useful for beginners or trainees.

Multi-language Support​

  • Available languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Turkish & Chinese.
  • Easy-to-switch
  • An International Vibration Analysis Software

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Wireless Vibration Sensor

EPH-V11 | Triaxial Vibration Sensor
a $
  • 10kHz Fmax
  • Full waveform and Spectrum data
  • Prgammable Internal RMS trigger
  • Sample rato: 25600 Hz
  • 6400 Resolution lines
  • Up to 100,000 meassurements
  • Configurable Alarrm value
  • IP67 protection grade

EI-30 Balancing Machine

High Precision Turbo Balancing Machine
  • Balance Assemblies without trial masses.
  • Adjustable RPM with speed driver.
  • Easy to use and easy to adjust.
  • Laser RPM sensor.
  • Manual adjustment of the transmission belt.
  • Adjustable pulleys.
  • Bearing supports to minimize mechanical losses.

WiSER 3x

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Full bandwidth 10kHz
  • Long distance range up to 20m
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Operation temperature up to 185ºF (80ºC)
  • Ideal for Real Life ODS & Route Based Data Collection

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