DigivibeMX M30 | Análisis de Vibración & Balanceo Dinámico

DigivibeMX® M30 System is the Vibration Analyzer, Dynamic Balancer and Data Collector with more functions in the market. From simple Vibration analysis to complex 3D ODS vibration simulations, DigivibeMX® M30 is the best tool for predictive analysis and diagnosis for your machinery.

New version, more functional.

Announcing the new DigivibeMX® 3 with a redesigned user interface, new functionalities, multi-language support, and many more features.


Balancing Tools for 1 & 2 Planes

DigivibeMX® M30 offers dynamic balancing tools and functions for both in situ and balancing machines.

With a single click you start balancing. Its automated tracking filter allows to identify the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies caused by slightly changes of speed.
The balancing speed range varies from 60 to 300,000 RPM with signal recording times of up to 5 minutes.


Vibration Analysis & Predictive tools

DigivibeMX® M30 includes the following vibration analysis tools:

  • 3D Waterfalls
  • 3D ODS Simulations
  • Routes Analysis
  • Barcode creator and reader
  • Automatic reports 2
  • Color-based database
  • Colored Indicators for general Vibration and Bearing problems
  • Tendency curves with tendency analyzer
  • Machinery condition statistics
  • Database compatibility and synchronization
  • FFT
  • Phase
  • Orbits
  • Bode
  • Cross Power Spectrum
  • Frequency Response
  • Coherence function
  • Spectrograph
  • Cross by Zero frequency

ODS Simulations

DigivibeMX® M30 integrates the Operating Deflection Shapes Simulation (ODS) in all its machinery databases.

When you create a new machine you can select a 3D model from the clipart library or a 3D File previously designed, to perform a 3D simulation immediately after making the route. Create your 3D model in your favorite 3D software such as 3DS Max, Blender, Solid Works, etc.

Alarms On!

DigivibeMX® M30 includes vibration and envelope alarms for all machinery. You can verify the machine health to prevent or fix failures quickly.

Envelope Alarms

Vibration Alarms


Multi-language Support

  • Available languages: English, Spanish, French & Turkish
  • Download extra languages4
  • Easy-to-switch

Vibration Analysis Tooltips

The Rich Tooltips feature inside DigivibeMX® M30, allows you to understand every function before you use it.

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