Discover Now See all the features Advanced Vibration Analyzer, 3D ODS Simulations, Balancer,
Data Collector, Orbits and more...
EI Alignment EI-Alignment See more Laser Alignment System Hi-accuracy equipment for alignment of any kind
of systems based on Shafts, Belts and Sheaves.
Sistema de Monitoreo Continuo Discover Now Meet My EI Start Here Register DigivibeMX System and download the newest software updates. My Erbessd Instruments is the new way to get access to high-priority
software updates, official releases and beta-test versions
Quality & Innovation With over 34 years of experience, we offer you vibration analysis and dynamic balancing equipment for
balancing and maintenance of industrial equipment.

Spend your valuable time managing your business. Let ERBESSD-INSTRUMENTS manage your vibration, balancing, alignment, and online machine health monitoring needs.

Our Vibration Analysis tools were created with the intention of helping you to save time so you can focus on your business.

For companies of all sizes… ERBESSD tools use the best technology available.

Digivibe M30 Vibration Analyzer and Balancer

The best option for route recording and balancing in the field. A complete vibration analyzer with advanced function in a very intuitive interface.

Vibration Monitoring System

Newest technology in wireless sensors: Vibration, Speed, Temperature, Amperage, Universal Protection wireless sensors. Send data to the cloud, monitor everywhere.

Wiser 3X Wifi Vibration Sensor

Universally adaptable. Apps included for IOS devices. Cloud based route collection.

Whether you choose to build your own balancing machine or buy a new one, ERBESSD-INSTRUMENTS can deliver the best available tools on the market to achieve your balancing goals.

Turbo Balancing Machine

Ideal for turbocharger and small rotors.

Balancing Machine

Universal Soft Bearing Balancing Machines. 

Soft Bearing Suspensions

Build your own Balancing Machine with these Soft Bearing Suspensions. High precision guaranteed.

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