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A vibration monitoring system is a set of tools used to measure one or more parameters to identify changes along machinery life. Monitoring these parameters help identifying early faults like imbalance, bearing faults, looseness among others. New Vibration Monitoring Systems with wireless transmission and long battery life are now replacing the industrial wired accelerometers all over the world.

New Modbus TCP/IP Universal communication protocol integration. Learn more here >

Introducing our Vibration Monitoring System | Phantom

Phantom is a wireless vibration monitoring system that integrates other parameters such as temperature, current, RPM and speed into a single diagnosis system. In addition, our sensors have a battery life that lasts enough to take up to 100,000 measurements andthey are very easy to install. Equally important, Phantom can send data to a local database or to our cloud-based system, EIAnalytic. At any moment, you can keep track of your machinery using any device such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Why Phantom Vibration Monitoring?

Our vibration and condition monitoring system will help you to predict machine failures and save huge amount of costs due to non-programmed down times in production. These are a sample of the most common failures that can be identified by our condition monitoring system:

  • Bearing Failure Stage I, II, III, and IV
  • Imbalance
  • Shaft and Bearing Wear
  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Electrical noise
  • Resonance
  • Among others
Engineer installing Phantom sensor on machine

Easy Installation

Wireless Technology in Vibration Monitoring has been developed in response to unmet needs of simplicity, for installation as for industrial cabling requirements. Our wireless sensors are very easy to install.

  1. Adhere the base to your machine.
  2. Screw Phantom Wireless Sensor to the base.
  3. Configure the software. It is as easy as that!.

The connection of the sensors to the Gateway will be done automatically without any intervention.

Wireless Technology

Our vibration monitoring system uses ultra-low power BLE 5.0 technology. Therefore, our wireless sensors can reach a useful life enought to take up to 100,000 measurements without the need to change the battery. Additionally, this technology is the most reliable in the market, providing distance ranges of up to 1 km with no obstacles and 250 meters in line-of-sight with competing signals. Furthermore, our wireless sensors have been successfully tested, even inside grounded metal cabinets, reaching distances of up to 60 meters. One of our clients even stated: “Phantom is the magic unicorn system we’ve been looking for.”

Exploring the advantages

Convenience: This is the most attractive of all the wireless sensors attributes. Sometimes it is just too difficult to place sensors and wires all the way from a machine to a control room. Because the sensors does away with the cables and power requirements, wireless sensors can be placed anywhere within the range. Reasonable Cost: If you have a PDA or a celular phone, you easily understand why going wireless is much more cost effective than wires. Cabling long distances can be quite expensive compared to wireless sensors. Ease of use: Well, it is really easy to use and install. All complex parts are already sorted out internally, but of course, as for everything else, there is a learning curve. Accessibility: Certain places on machines are simply not accessible with wires. Wireless Sensores might be a solution for that. Security: The signal from the Phantom sensors is encrypted which ensures the reliability of the information and the security of your data.

Vibration monitoring sensors placed on machine

– New – Modbus Universal Communication

Phantom Wireless Sensors include now Modbus TCP/IP which is a widely known and used universal communication protocol for industrial applications. Thus, making them compatible with any PLC, Scada system or any other Modbus TCP/IP communicating software. Applications:

  • Scada systems for control automation
  • PLC for machinery control and protection
  • ERP software such as SAP
  • Integration with self-designed applications with free APIs
  • Connecting wireless sensors for super big distances (kilometers) using the cloud.

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Engineer installing Phantom sensor on machine

Meet Phantom Vibration Sensor:

  • 10kHz FMax
  • Full waveform and spectrum data
  • Programmable Internal RMS Trigger
  • Sample Rate: 25600 Hz
  • Lines of resolution: 6400
  • Battery life enough to take up to 100,000 measurements
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Noise: 630 G/√Hz

MSRP $279.95 USD

Triaxial Vibration Sensor

Good vibration monitoring techniques require complete and accurate triaxial accelerometers as well. Hence being able to send 3 simultaneous FFT and Time waveform recordings for all three axis at once. We have improved to the maximum the energy consumption resulting in life batteries enough to take up to 100,000 measurements.. Additionally our wireless accelerometers can wake up on high vibration levels to send data and alarms. As an additional value, all of our wireless accelerometers have a built-in integrator so they can, internally, calculate velocity parameters for alarms. This way, RMS values can be sent as well with a selectable periodicity. Internal temperature is measured as well.

Send data Only when the Machine is Running

Phantom Vibration sensor can locally communicate with Phantom RPM sensor or Phantom Amperage sensor to evaluate if the machine is running. Hence avoiding irrelevant data. Ranges of RPM and Amperage can be configured to make the sensor record only within a desired condition.


All of our wireless sensors include temperature, however, we added wireless temperature sensors dedicated to measure extreme temperatures.

  • Wireless temperature sensor, Type K Thermocouple: range of -210° to 1800° C
  • Wireless temperature sensor, Contactless: -50° to 350° C

MSRP $179.95 USD

Wireless Amperage Sensor

Phantom includes non-invasive wireless current sensors to monitor power consumption from your electric motors. Moreover, each sensor includes 3 simultaneous channels to measure each of the 3 motor’s phases. Our Amperage wireless sensor includes internal temperature as well. Starting MSRP $179.95 USD

Wireless RPM sensor

We also created an RPM sensor for our vibration monitoring system. This sensor integrates your machine’s rotational speed to the overall analysis. As a result, you will be able to compare vibration, temperature and power consumption at different speeds. MSRP $179.95 USD

General-Purpose Wireless Sensor Adapter

Our General Purpose Wireless sensor adapters are able to monitor virtually any type of signal coming from your own devices, such as:

  • Displacement sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Lubrication condition sensors

General Purpose Wireless sensor adapter comes with a LEMO connector with capability of up to 4 channels or 2 differential inputs. Inputs can measure 0 to 10 volts. MSRP $179.95 USD

4-20 mA Wireless Sensor Adapter

As a variation we created a 4-20 mA Wireless sensors adapter. The 24-bit 4-20 mA Input interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to implement your data into an integrated wireless system. This adapter features 4 channels non-switched battery-saving input that extends the life of the internal battery. It also offers digital filtering which improves measurement accuracy with 10 to 1024 readings/samples and 60 Hz noise rejection. MSRP $179.95 USD

Phantom Kit

Kit Content

Our Vibration Monitoring system includes the most powerfull DigivibeMX  versión. You can choose between the next sensor:

  • Triaxial accelerometer 10kHz
  • Triaxial Accelerometer 5kHz


  • DigivibeMX 11 Phantom version
  • Gateway Phantom
  • Magnetic key

Kit Starting MSRP $3295 USD

Tablet with vibration analysis software

No Software Costs

Our Vibration Monitoring System includes the powerful vibration analysis software DigivibeMX® without any limitation. With DigivibeMX®, you can perform a deep analysis on each spectrum and signal, as well as identify the tendency of vibrations.

Vibration Monitoring Online Cloud | EIAnalytic

EIAnalytic is our cloud-based database system for Phantom®. It provides simple accessibility through a web browser or mobile app. Additionally, our cloud allows direct connections from the DigivibeMX® for data management, as if it were on its own hard drive.

EI Analytics web on computer and mobile devices

QR Codes for your machines

Scan the code of a machine and you will get its condition. If you walk through the plant or factory and you wish to know the status of a machine, you only need to scan its code with your smartphone. Our Wiser Vibe app will display all the information related to your machine. Truly simple monitoring system!

Vibration Monitoring Software

Automatic Learning

Our vibration monitoring system includes a powerful learning protocol for your machinery vibration. During a period (7 days by default), Phantom will learn from the vibration of your machine to identify a “Normal” behavior.

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Phantom includes 3 types of learning:

RMS: Is the simplest learning process (but not less reliable). During this period, Phantom will track the RMS of velocity, acceleration, and acceleration envelope to define later a behavior.

Envelope alarms: During the learning process, our continuous monitoring system will evaluate each of the spectra to determine a normal behavior in each of the corresponding frequencies. So, in the future, Phantom will know when an unknown frequency appears or any other known frequency increases in amplitude.

Preset Bearing and Gearboxes faults: Particular emphasis is made for tracking preset bearing and gearboxes faults.

Support and Training

We know is important to realize custumer needs. Hence, Erbessd Instruments® offers free basic online support via telephone, Email and TeamViewer, as well as videos and tutorials which are constantly updated.

Open Databases

Per our philosophy “Databases belong to our clients” our databases are totally open. Consequently, you can access your database with any SQL or MySQL based software, giving you the option to link them to other softwares like Scada or CRM.


The signal from the Phantom sensors is encrypted which ensures the reliability of the information and the security of your data.

Are you a developer?

Use our vibration monitoring sensors on your own system. We offer APIs for developers to integrate Phantom to their own framework. The architecture of Phantom’s APIs, will allow you to access and control an infinity of sensors and gateways in order to configure alarms and recording times. Please check our GitHub project here: Phantom Vibration Monitoring API

api para aplicaciones de desarrolladores

Download the WISER Vibe here:

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