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USB Phantom Gateway 2.0

USB Gateway Phantom

Experience the full power of our Gateway 2.0 in a compact, portable form. The new Portable USB Gateway brings all the advanced features and security of the Gateway 2.0, now conveniently sized to connect directly to your computer. This innovative device ensures secure network management on the go, maintaining the same level of control and protection as the original.

Designed for ultimate convenience, the Portable USB Gateway is perfect for professionals who need reliable connectivity wherever they are. Whether you’re analyzing Phantom signal intensity scan, traveling for business, or simply need a fully IT auditable Phantom secure collection Gateway, this device has you covered. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, while its robust functionality ensures that you never compromise on performance.

The Portable USB Gateway offers the same user-friendly control panel as the Gateway 2.0, allowing you to manage and monitor your Phantom Sensors effortlessly. Real-time insights and comprehensive control over all connected devices are just a few clicks away, ensuring that you stay in command of your asset condition and performance at all times.

Connectivity Optimization

Our Portable USB Gateway includes advanced signal scanning capabilities, allowing you to efficiently detect and analyze signals from your Phantom sensors. This feature helps you strategically place additional Gateways to enhance connectivity and ensure optimal network performance

By accurately identifying the best locations for your Gateways, you can improve signal strength and coverage, maximizing the lifetime and efficiency of your sensors. This proactive approach not only ensures reliable data transmission, but also extends the operational life of your sensors. Providing a cost-effective solution for maintaining a robust and efficient network.

Plug & Play Instant Control

With the Portable USB Gateway, you can control all Phantom sensor settings directly from your computer, just like with the Gateway 2.0. This portable solution offers the same level of detailed management and configuration options, allowing you to fine-tune your network for optimal performance. 

Additionally, the Portable USB Gateway provides a fully IT-auditable environment, ensuring that all activities and changes are securely logged and traceable. This enhances transparency and compliance, making it easier to maintain robust security standards while benefiting from the convenience and versatility of a portable network management solution.

No network required!

The Portable USB Gateway operates independently of any network, making it ideal for strict IT security environments. You can set up an isolated system on an external computer to collect, administer, and analyze your data without any network dependency. 

This setup ensures that your data remains secure and confined, adhering to stringent security protocols. The process is straightforward and requires no specialized IT knowledge, allowing you to efficiently manage your data with just a few simple steps. This flexibility ensures that you can maintain robust data collection and analysis capabilities even in the most secure environments.

In addition, you’re no longer limited by internal storage capacity. By leveraging your computer’s memory, you gain complete control over offline data collection. This allows for extensive data logging and analysis without the constraints of onboard storage limits. 

You can now collect, store, and manage large datasets efficiently, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips for in-depth analysis and reporting. This enhanced capability empowers you to make more informed decisions, improving overall network performance and sensor management.


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