All in One Phantom Vibration Current Temperature

Phantom All in One (EPH-U14) | Vibration, Current Temperature

Meet the new member of the Phantom family. Take 3 types of measurement parameters with only one module: Vibration, Current and Temperature. Our Phantom condition monitoring system will help you to predict machine failures and save huge amount of costs due to non-programmed down times in production.



Vibration Phantom is the best all-inclusive battery powered wireless machine monitoring system worldwide. Phantom records vibration FFT from 3 axes simultaneously X, Y and Z.

  • Triaxial
  • Full waveform and spectrum data
  • Programmable Internal RMS Trigger
  • Maximum 6400 Lines of Resolution



Current Phantom is a Wireless Current Sensor (Amperage) which uses a simple Current Transformer for monitoring. Easily monitor the AC electrical current of your machines and devices.

  • 1 split core current transformer.
  • Available clamps from 50 to 500 Amp (not included).



Temperature Phantom is a Bluetooth Temperature Sensor designed to monitor Machine high temperatures. Easily connect any type K Thermocouple sensor (not included). This Wireless Thermocouple Sensor can record accurately from -210ºC up to 1,800ºC.

  • Compatible with type K sensors (not included).
  • Easy to install.
  • It can sensor from -210°C to 1800°C.

Main Features

  • Full waveform and spectrum data
  • Configurable Alarm interval
  • Battery life enough to take up to 100,000 measurements
  • Configurable Measurement Interval
  • Measures 4 Channels simultaneously.
  • Compatible with type K sensors.
  • Measures 4 Channels simultaneously.
  • Compatible with 50A, 100A, 250A and 500A clamps
  • IP67 Design for protection from liquid and dust


Part number Vibration sensor
Sensor MEMS tri-axis accelerometer
Frequency Range (@25600 SR) 10kHz (x,y); 5.1kHz (z)
Dynamic Range 8 / 16 / 32 G
Internal Temp. Accuracy ±5°C
Status (Every 5min) Internal RMS, Battery, Temperature, Alarm
Recording Time (s) 1 2 4 8 16
Sample Rate (Hz) 25600 12800 6400 3200 1600
Max Frequency (Hz) 10000 5000 2500 1250 625
Lines of Resolution 6400
Data Interval 10 minutes Configurable or Specific Daytime
Alarm monitoring 2 - 120 sec.
Spectral Noise 630 µg/√Hz
Part Number Current Module
Sensor Split Core Current Transformer sensor
CT sensor compatibility 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 Amp
Frequency Range 50 - 60 Hz
Accuracy ±5%
Input ------------------------
Internal Temp. Accuracy ±5°C
Measurement (RMS AC Current) Minimum / Maximum / Average / Amp Hour
Data Interval 30 min / Configurable
Notes Only for monitoring AC voltage

Part Number Temperature sensor
Sensors Compatibility Thermocouple type K
TemperatureRange Ambient - 40 to +80 °C
Object - 210 to +1800 °C (Depends on Thermocouple)
Internal Temp. Accuracy ±5°C
Status (Every 5min) Battery, Temperature sensor, Temperature object
Data Interval 30 min / Configurable
Accessories Included Thermocouple type K


Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE 5.0 / Modbus via Gateway
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Power Output Range -4dBm to +8dBm (Configurable)
Signal Strength Range -90dBm to -30 dBm
Wireless Range 100m Line sight
Software Compatibility DigivibeMX Phantom version, WiSER VIBE
OTA firmware update via Phantom Manager app (iOS / Android)


Main Power 2 x Battery AAA 1.5V (Replaceable)
Battery Life Time 2-3 years*
Standby mode if Gateway not detected


Dimensions (d x h) 100mm x 77mm x 26mm
Weight 138gr
Enclosure Material Nylamid / Aluminum
Protection Rating Water and dust resistant IP67


Base Temperature Range -40 to +80 °C (-40 to +176 °F)