Wireless Machine Surveillance

Not all wireless is created equal.
Never compromise your data acquisition needs
based on poor battery life, low fMax, or high noise floor technology.
Phantom’s BLE technology
guarantees optimal life and system performance.
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    No Wires…
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    No People…
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    No Hazards…
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    Less Worries…
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    Why Wireless?
kit Includes:

Wireless Technology

Phantom is the best all inclusive battery powered wireless machine monitoring system woldwide. Phantoms’ exclusive technology enables full frequency range diagnosis just like ICP Accelerometers.
Cloud or Local
Network Capability
with Open SQL

General Info


Triaxial + Temperature 10 kHz FMax
Full waveform and spectrum data
Programmable Internal RMS Trigger
Maximum 6400 Lines of Resolution


3 phases
5 - 1000 Amps


200,000 RPM


Infrared Non Contact Sensor

General Purpose Input sensor

For prox probes sensors or any other
device 2 simul evice simultaneous channels
Orbits capability
48,000 Hz Sample Rate
Easy to install Ultra long battery life

Small & intelligent

Module Design

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    IP67 Dust & Water Proof
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    MIL-SPEC 810G Rugged
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    Easy 1/4 28¨Thread Installation
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    Automatic reports
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    Network Programmable


Wifi , 4G & Ethernet
capable, LCD status


The Freedom to Choose:

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    Store data locally
  • or
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    Store data on the Cloud
  • (Open SQL database)
ITS YOUR DATA: All data can be accessed through any database API for SQL
or MySQL. Experience the power of DigivibeMX software with
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    Autodiagnostic tools
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    Trending & Octave Bands
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    3D views and Simulations
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    Automatic reports
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    3D Waterfall
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    Phase Analysis
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    Envelope Alarms
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    30,000+ bearings database
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    And MUCH MORE…

Active & Octave Bands

Vibration Trending is a useful function to track the condition of your machines.
Octave bands trending is by far more powerful because it tracks every frequency by dividing the full spectrum into 32 bands and tracks the RMS value of each one of bands independently helping to identify a change in frequency easily.
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