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EI Monitoring Service

Erbessd Instruments Monitoring Service


The EI Monitoring Service is the link for data collection between the Gateway and the Erbessd Instruments Devices. In this software you can visualize in a precise way the data collected by our Phantom sensors. You can see the collected data and also the sensor configurations.

The EI Monitoring Service is algo the software that allows us to use Modbus service with our Phantom devices.

Next we will show you the basic functions of the EI Monitoring Service. It is worth noticing, that is important to already have made the initial Gateway configuration so this way we can receive data from our Phantom sensors.


File Menu.


  • Send to tray: This tool allows to minimize the software in the “Hidden icons” tray on the computer. To maximize the window again, right click on the icon of the “Hidden icons” tray and click “Open”. Immediately the EI Monitoring Service window will be minimized on the task bar.

  • Close: This tool shuts down the software entirely without receiving any data.


Show events Menu:

This menu provides useful information of the sensors connected to the gateway, for the Accelerometers and GPIO sensors the information is divided by Data (vibration), State and Settings. For Current, Temperature and RPM the information provided by the software is only for State and Settings.


  • Data:  This window creates a register every time that the software collects data from the sensor and is a tool that also helps us tu diagnose problems on the devices.

  • State: With this option we can see the current health of the device. This, trough the data received from each axis, battery life, firmware version, etc.

  • Settings: This window creates registers to comunicate with the monitor and also send each sensor configurations. The configurations that the Monitor receive are the send interval data, the range and the alarm value.

Show errors / Hide errors Menu.


This option will split the Monitoring Service screen to show the Error window. This window will display connection and data collecting problems.


Settings Menu.



  • Conexión Local DB: Clicking this option will open the file explorer window. Choose this option it you want the data to be storaged in a local database.

  • EI-Analytic Connection: Choose this option if you want a cloud storage based option on the EI Analytic cloud service.

  • Get IP Address: This option will show the name of the computer and the IP address where it’s connected.


  • Preferences:

In this window you can change the unit system displayed in the software. The default unit system is Imperial.


Change the number of measurements to calculate the slope.


Enable the Modbus options for the software.


You can also create an email list that will notify the users on that list when an alarm activates. And the frecuency of the e-mails can be set from 1 minute to 100 minutes.


Choose to run the software once the computer turns on or open the software manually.

Once your configurations are set click ok.


  • Configuración Modbus: Once the Modbus Options are enabled in the Preferences window you will now have access to the Modbus Configuration on the Settings Menu.

  • About: In the about window you will see the installed version of the EI Monitoring Software.

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