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DigivibeMX 11 New Features


DigivibeMX is the main Erbessd Instruments software; being the solution for your industrial needs. As the technology world is constantly innovating and evolving, so are we.
In this page you will find the new features added in the updates of the best vibration analyzer in the market: DigivibeMX 11.

11.35 Version

♦One more decimal

We’ve added an extra decimal in the historic measure list for the velocity and displacement column.


♦New plot features

Now you can change both units at the same time with the unit button located in the toolbar. You can also measure the distance between points in your FFT or your TWF.

You can also divide your channels in panels by clicking right on any plot and selecting “Panelized” option. In this window you will also find other options to apply the same configurations simultaneously in each scope (Tie Scopes) and to hide the signal information on the rigth (Hide Legends).


♦New Phantom Wizard

The Phantom Wizard has been redesigned to help you set your sensors. Now you can set alarms, assign a point or machine, change the interval send data and copy settings within the Wizard.

In the first Wizard Window you’ll be able to add your sensor by code or manually. You can also copy settings from another previously added sensor with the “Copy Phantom sensor settings” button. In the next window you can name your sensor an define an Interval Send Data.

In the next window you will be asked the point or machine where the sensor will be assigned, it’s important to note that you must already have a place in mind to assign the sensor. When you click next you’ll encounter with the alarms configuration and the specific set up according to the Phantom that’s being added.

♦Real Time ODS

This new DigivibeMX 11 feature allows you to create motion figures with vibration data collected in real time with your Erbessd Instruments devices. When selecting the “Frequencies” tab you can choose between selecting an image from the gallery or uploading a new image from your computer

Once that the figure is selected for your measurement. You can add or remove measurement points with the “Points” tab.
Now that our figure and our points are set up; you can start recording your measurements in the “Recording” tab. Here you can find the main configuration for your recordings.


11.32 Version

♦Octave Bands

This DigivibeMX 11 feature allows you to perform an even greater vibration analysis creating an Octave Bands graph. First you have to locate yourself on axis level and then choose any signals on the list and press the “Octave Bands” button.

This will open the Octave Bands window. In the upper right corner you can find buttons that will help you better manage your information; converting your frequency units, showing velocity or envelope values and plotting as a bar or line chart.

To add more signals to the graph, select the files from the list and then press the “Add Measures” button and if you want to delete signals from the graph, press the “Remove Measures” button.


♦Connect to WiSER Vibe

DigivibeMX 11 now allows to create a direct connection and share information through the WiSER VIBE app. With the “Connect to WiSERVibe” button it’s possible to transfer all of the recordings storaged on your iOS device.

Pressing this button will generate a QR code from DigivibeMX and with WiSER VIBE, with the option “QR Connect”, scan the code.

When scanning the code, the link between DigivibeMX and WiSER VIBE is created and in the main window will appear a “Connected” notification. Now all of the information storaged on your iOS device will be available on DigivibeMX. In the “Device” window you will also find buttont to help you manage your files:

  • Connect: Generate a new QR code to connect to DigivibeMX through WiSER VIBE.
  • Refresh: Updates de list with information on screen.
  • Download selected files: Allows to download selected recordings from the list to an .anl file.
  • Download to database: Allows to download selected recordings from the list directly to a point in the database.
  • Add route: Allows you to add routes from DigivibeMX to WiSER VIBE.


♦Internal RMS (only on DigivibeMX11.32 & EI Monitoring 1.24 and above)

This new DigivibeMX 11 feature allows you to visualize the RMS information of your signals. To access to this data, you have to locate yourself in the tree within an axis and then press the “Show Internal RMS” button. Then all of the RMS information will appear.

The RMS information is also graphed in the Tendency window, it’s important to click on the axis and then press the “Show Internal RMS” button and the information will be displayed.


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