Phantom gateway configuration

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Phantom gateways are devices that connect phantom condition monitoring sensors to the outside world (the cloud) or else to your local database. Phantom gateways have 2 wireless protocols (Wifi and BLE 5.0) as well as Ethernet connectivity.

The first thing you need is to know the Gateway

Within the first time you turn on your phantom gateway, it will act as an access point with the SSID “PHANTOM01”. If your gateway is already configured and you need to reconfigure it, or else if your gateway does not turn into Access Point mode, then; When the device is on, put a paperclip on the little pinhole located right next to the screen until you notice a click.

This will activate the EI-Gateway Acces Point Mode.

Connect to it with a computer or a cellphone using the password “88888888” (8 times number 8). If the main page is not shown automatically please type the address: on your browser:


Gateway Configuration Page


Within this page the following options are available:


Wireless connection

To select a WiFi connection you need to do the following:

  • Choose between the options in SSID
  • Type the password of the selected WiFi Network
  • Click on Save Settings

Remember that the Gateway should be in the same network as the computer with EI-Analytics or the 4G-Module (Miniserver)


IP Settings

Some companies require Wi-Fi device connection via static IP. Consult a local network administrator for the required addresses to Static IP configuration. To configure the Gateway this way you need to fill this fields:




IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default gateway:


Monitor configuration

In most cases the EI Monitor IP address will be detected automatically as long as both the Phantom Gateway and EI Monitor are in the same subnet.

If the EI Monitor IP address is not detected automatically (because it’s in a different subnet) you can mark the “Static Monitor configuration” checkbox and enter the EI Monitor IP address in the “Monitor IP Address” field.

To get the IP address from EI Monitor (Windows version) go to Settings – Get IP address.



If you want to connect the Gateway using an Ethernet connection, it will ignore every other configuration done before and prioritize the physical connection.


Repeater configuration

Phantom Gateways can connect either directly to EI Monitor through your WiFi or Ethernet network or they can connect trough another gateway.

Preferably when possible Gateway should be connected directly to either the WiFi or Ethernet network as this gives maximum speed.

If no WiFi or ethernet network can be setup, a Phantom gateway can connect to another Phantom Gateway that is already connected to either WiFi or Ethernet. To setup a gateway as a repeater Only enable the “Work as a repeater” checkbox, nothing else is needed. No WiFi or network configuration is needed on this mode.

Phantom Gateways configured to “Work as a repeater” will automatically search for another Gateway that is already connected to the network and will autoconfigure themselves using a proprietary wireless protocol to send data to the closes gateway. No extra configuration is needed.


Erbessd Phantom Gateway Configuration


Note: Several gateways can be connected to the same network directly, despite in this case the image shows only one.


Meaning of “Repeater Level X” on Gateway Screen

Repeater level 2 means that the device is the closest to the gateway if you configure another gateway as a repeater and it is further away it will show the legend Repeater level 3 and so on.

Save Settings

By clicking “Save Settings” the Ei-Gateway will reboot and we should read the next messages:

gateway messages

WiSer3x – Quick start guide

Welcome to the Wiser3x experience, a 3-axis Wireless Accelerometer specially designed for vibration analysis, compatible with any vibration analyzer available on the market. WiSER 3x sends 3-axis vibration data + 1 additional channel simultaneously. Also, WiSER 3x is an ultra-low noise wireless accelerometer with a bandwidth of 15 kHz that exceeds the characteristics of most conventional accelerometers.

The power button on our WiSer3x is designed to avoid accidentally turning off or on. Press the button once to turn on, and hold 3 seconds to turn off.

Once turned on, your WiSer3x can be detected through the WiFi network of any Apple or Windows device. You can connect to it like any other WiFi signal and your password is: 88888888

Next, we will talk about how to synchronize it with Erbessd Instruments applications.



Digivibe MX 10

Collect data off route in DigivibeMX 10 Software: Open the Analysis menu, select and click on the Wiser3x icon. You will then receive a notification with the caption “WiSer3x connected”. Click on Ok and when you are ready press “Record” to start the measurement.

NOTE: If the “WiSer3x connected” notification is not displayed, make sure that the WiSer has not exceeded its timeout and has turned off. You can also check if your device is connected to the WiSer3x WiFi network.


Collect data on route with DigivibeMX 10 Software: Open a new route; Once in the menu select and click on the WiSer3x icon. You will then receive a notification with the caption “WiSer3x paired up”. Click Ok. Select A3 for simultaneous data collection on 3 axes. Click on “axis configuration” to specify the sensor orientation and axis configuration, and then click on Ok. When you are ready, click on Record to start data collection on three axes.

NOTE: The position of the WiSer3x on the machine is very important for the correct measurement of the vibration data. For vertical configuration, make sure that the engraving of the axes is facing you, and for the horizontal case, the engraving should look up.



DigivibeMX 11

Collect data off route in DigivibeMX 11 Software: Open the configuration menu and in the Device section you will find a button with the legend “USB Connection”. Clicking the button will change to “WiFi Connection” legend. Once the configuration has been changed to WiFi, click on the “Select Device” option and select the “EI-Wiser” button and click “Accept”. With this, our Wiser3x will be completely linked to your computer and software. You can start a new analysis normally, just press the Record button to start data collection.

Collect data on route with DigivibeMX 11 Software: Open a route; Once in the menu select and click the icon that shows 3 axes. Then, click the configuration icon to display the Wiser3x position options on the machine. Once the position is selected, click on “Ok” and with this, the software will be ready to begin data collection.

NOTE: The position of the WiSer3x on the machine is very important for the correct measurement of the vibration data. For vertical configuration, make sure that the engraving of the axes is facing you, and for the horizontal case, the engraving should look up.




For Wiser-Vibe

Collect data off route using Wiser Vibe app on iOS:
a. Open and select the Analysis box.
b. Set the configuration preferences in Options. To connect follow the instructions below:

i. Click on connection to switch to WiFi
ii. Close the settings and click the plug icon.
iii. Open the settings again and change the Channels to 3 (Image b.)

c. Press the Record button when you’re ready to take data

Wiser Vibe análisis de vibraciones

Select “Save File” in the options to save the recording on your iOS device as an .anl file. All files can be viewed when returning to the main screen and selecting the “Files” option. Saved files can be sent by mail directly from WiSerVibe. Files sent by mail can be opened with DigivibeMX for analysis.

Wiser Vibe Administrador de archivos

Collect data on route using an EI-Analytics account and the iOS Wiser Vibe app:
1. Connect your EI-Analytic account on the main screen (The key is displayed green when connected)

Wiser Vibe Login

2. Select the Routes option on the main screen.
3. Choose Select Route
4. Open the group where the route is saved and select the desired Route

routesWiser Vibe

a. You can select individual machines or choose Select All to collect the full path
b. The route opens on the analysis screen to the first point. Place the WiSer3x at the point of the machine to be collected. Open Options to confirm/configure the desired collection parameters. Press Record when you are ready to collect data.
C. After collecting each point, the Analysis screen automatically advances to the next point. When all route points have been collected, you will be asked if you want to save the data in the load list. Select “Yes.”

Wiser Vibe

d. Open the Files option on the main screen to visualize the collected path files.
and. Select Upload to Cloud to send the collected information to the EI-Analytics database.
F. Select the desired destination folder to upload the data and press Send to complete the transfer to EI-Analytics.

Wiser Vibe Data Export

NOTE: The use and connectivity with the database in Cloud EI-Analytic will only be functional if you have previously contracted the service. The cloud database service is not included in the download of the application, nor in the purchase of measuring devices.