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Interfaz gráfica DigivibeMX 11


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Vibration analyzers from Erbessd Instruments keep getting better with each new version, and with the arrival next month of the DigivibeMX 11, this will not be the exception. It will be in the forefront thanks to the incredible improvements, new features and functions that it has!
Meet the 4 models we have, each of them has unique features for vibration analysis.
DigivibeMX 11 Phantom
DigivibeMX 11 M10
DigivibeMX 11 M20
Vibration analysis and data collector. Suitable for route creation, ODS, Bode, and much more.
DigivibeMX 11 M30
Premium version which includes all the previous features.

DigivibeMX11 has an improved performance

We care about computer resources optimization, so we developed our software for the x64 platform. This enhance RAM performance, which is responsible for a great amount of operations inside the software.

We created the intelligent recording engine. This engine provides larger recording times for vibration analysis and improves signal quality, it also manages data and decides whether is better to store it in RAM or the Hard Drive. Erbessd Instruments has the best vibration analyzers in the market.

Interfaz gráfica DigivibeMX 11

DigivibeMX 11 has a new and friendly user-interface. It is designed to work better on touch-screen devices.

Did you know that…We have more than 10000 DigivibeMX installed all around the world?



It is your choice, whether you record vibration data
with your computer or with your smartphone, our free
applications for vibration analysis have the same quality.

New Features of DigivibeMX 11

  • Tendency graph

DigivibeMX gráfica tendencias

You could display more than 1 different parameters: vibration [mm/s, inch/s, G, mm/s2, mils, µm, gE], temperature [°C, F], amperage [A], and RPM. This information helps in the development of effective predictive maintenance techniques for your machines.

  • Statistics

DigivibeMX gráfica estadísticas

A statistics panel will allow you to know the wear tendency of a machine according with their vibration levels. A deeper analysis is made to the graph, in order to identify behaviors. For example, the Mid Time to Failure indicator, which tells us the amount of days the machine will reach a certain level of vibration.

All the new functions are related to machine learning techniques and predictive maintenance activities, which places the DigivibeMX 11 in the forefront of vibration analyzers.

  • Customizable Reports

Generating reports is now easier with the Reports Wizard, which enhances the way of fitting your data in a customizable template. It is very intuitive, you just need to click and drag your data into the template to display it as tables or even complex graphs.

  • Machine Learning

As previously mentioned, different functions involving this technique are implemented on the new DigivibeMX 11. Another application in this field is the ability to learn the behavior of machines to effectively set the alarms, in order to prevent machine failure.

analisis didactico

Are you interested in a DEMO?

Meet Phantom System
Learn about the most advanced Condition Monitoring features

Balancing is now easier to perform!

The new balancing function simplifies the dynamic balancing process. EI-Balance is now an extension of the Digivibe! This means that it is not necessary to open completely the Digivibe to perform a balancing.

Another great feature is that DigivibeMX stores automatically all the data from the runs to avoid that an interruption erases our previous recorded data.

Automatic Updates

Each time a new version is available, the software will automatically allow you to upgrade it. Therefore, this feature allows you to keep your software updated with the latest releases.

And even more!

Not only balancing can be performed easily, route analysis is added as an extension of DigivibeMX (called EI-Routes), making it quicker to perform this type of analysis.

We also increased the bearings database, improved the process of adding a gearbox, markers are now more easy to use, and many more features were improved.
Simplicity at its best!

Compatibility in DigivibeMX 11

You can import your databases from versions 9 and 10. Additionally, all the new functions can be applied to old data, collected with previous versions of DigivibeMX. Isn’t this great?

All our vibration analyserz are compatibles

DigivibeMX 11 is also compatible with all of our interfaces, from the I-500 2-channel wired interface to the newest GX-400 4-channel wired interface and of course, all of our wireless accelerometers and wireless vibration monitoring system.


 Anuar Vázquez, is a graduate from Computer Science Degree in the Universidad Autónoma de México. Passionate about sports and especially “Formula One”, he is currently part of the Programming and Tech Support Team at  Erbessd Instruments®.

ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS®, manufacturer company of Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing Machines Equipment with office in México and the U.S.