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The 7 Most Important Aspects about Condition Monitoring


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Technology in predictive maintenance is growing fast, and so is Condition Monitoring which is one of the its most important activities. In particular, the wireless sensors in Condition Monitoring came to change completely the way we used to see machinery reliability.

What is Condition Monitoring? What do we need to learn about modern technologies applied in it? Well, I am a Vibration Analysis technology developer and I invite you to take some time to read this few tips I have written for you.

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring is the process of periodically measuring one or more parameters in machinery to identify significant changes that usually indicate failures in process. It is an essential part of predictive maintenance, thus, allowing to plan maintenance actions focused on avoiding failures and their consequences. 

Therefore, condition monitoring provides enough information to address actions towards components that require attention.


Continuous condition monitoring is usually applied to rotating machinery such as fans, compressors, pumps and combustion engines etc.


1. Technologies applied in condition monitoring:

There are several techniques applied in condition monitoring but in importance we can enumerate the following:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Current measurement and analysis
  • Speed ​​Measurement
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Acoustic analysis


2. Condition monitoring systems

In Erbessd Instruments we created enough options of condition monitoring systems for you. Starting from low cost equipment with large capacities, to integral systems with multiple automatic parameters such as our Phantom® vibration and condition monitoring system.

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3. Criticality of a system

The criticality index of a system is often used to determine the type of condition monitoring that needs to be applied to a system. Hence, critical Index takes in account the following factors:

  • Economic impact due to an unexpected strike
  • Cost of repair
  • Environmental impact due to a strike
  • Impact on security for staff
  • Among others



Criticality index, therefore, divide the machines into 3 categories:

  1. Critical machinery:This type of machinery has the highest hierarchical level within the productive chain. It includes equipment such as power plants and steam turbines which are the heart of the company. This machinery is vital and therefore requires a very close condition monitoring system. These machines are usually monitored with Phantom condition monitoring®
  2. Essential Machinery: These machines are an integral part of the production chain, however, in case of an unexpected failure, production will not be affected. Because of their cost being more accessible, companies allow to have replacement systems placed parallelly to avoid production downtimes in case of failure. As the process continues, monitoring the condition of these machines is vital to implement alternate plans at the right moment. Because of this, permanent monitoring systems are also the most commonly used in these machines as well.
  3. Non-critical machinery: These systems have a minor impact on production and do not usually represent an economic risk for the production chain. The monitoring of the condition of these machines is therefore of low criticality and a portable system is undoubtedly a good solution.


4. Economic aspects of Condition Monitoring

Savings due to production downtime reduction: The most significant savings arising from predictive maintenance are due to the significant reduction in production downtime.

The savings arising from downtime reduction can be calculated through the number of hours of downtime multiplied by the added value per hour for the process.


Cost of downtime = Downtime X $ Value per hour of process


Savings in maintenance costs: Additionally, Savings in maintenance are due to the reduction in man-hours to carry out repairs + savings due to the reduction of unnecessary replacements. This is calculated as follows:


$ Savings in Hours = (Man Hours invested in Major Maintenance – Man Hours for minor maintenance) X $ weighted Hour / Man


Condition Monitoring Costs: The costs of condition monitoring systems depend on the chosen system which can be Permanent or Portable. Of course, Permanent systems require more investment if the number of machines is large. On the contrary, Portable systems are cheaper, although, they require a specialist to measure each machine periodically.


5. Impact of condition monitoring on the environment and safety



The main goal of machinery condition monitoring is to reduce its wear and tear by extending the lifetime of all its components. Either through the reduction of vibration or by improving its temperature conditions, the machine will have a lighter work and therefore several benefits.


Electric power consumption: Making a mathematical correlation between vibration and energy is very difficult. Even more because of the wide variety of machines that exist in a company. However, a study conducted by The Journal of Industrial Technology* proved that a given machine can consume twice as much current only because of its vibration. Of course, this study was made in motor that can increase its vibration in proportions that a big machine is unable to do. Nevertheless, the study does prove a realistic relationship between power consumption and vibration.


Safety and health: The reduction of vibration is closely related to the reduction of noise from a machine and therefore reduces the impact on the health of the staff in charge. Prevalence of conditions such as retinal detachment and hearing loss induced by noise can be reduced by applying a correct condition monitoring.


Environmental and Economic Impact. The ecological footprint left by predictive maintenance is considerably greater than that of predictive maintenance, because in the first one, the idea is to replace critical parts as well as lubricating whether it is needed or not. These actions are intended to avoid stoppages, although they are not always necessary.

Implementing good Predictive maintenance actions will not only reduce the environmental impact by avoiding all these wastes but will also have a much lower productive cost.



6. Key Aspects to successfully implement Condition Monitoring

The condition monitoring process has key aspects to achieve some of the goals in a short period of time. No one knows everything before starting and therefore it is important to take into account the following advices:

Know what you want to measure: It is very important to decide what parameters you want to measure in a machine, as well as what machines you desire to monitor. The most important parameters for condition monitoring are vibration, temperature and current.


Establish a starting point: You probably are not an expert analyst and you don’t need to, either. The first is to establish a starting point. For all you know, your machine is working fine right now, and you want to know when that changes. The starting point will let you know when your machine exceeds the current values. Over time and with the help of information and experience, you will know what are the real limits ​​ for each machine.


Periodic verification: None of this will work by itself unless you create a routine of checking the status of your machinery and alarms. Erbessd Instruments created mobile applications, as well as PC and WEB software for you to have a simple way to do it.

  • Condition monitoring application for IOS: Wiser Vibe
  • Desktop application: Digivibe MX
  • Website for continuous monitoring


Set Alarms: At some point you will see that your vibration or any other parameter changes. Verify your trend graph, evaluate and adjust your alarm values ​​to know how soon they will be overcome again.


Phantom condition monitoring system:

It is a system that integrates multiple variables in a single database. It is very easy to install because you only need to stick the base to the machine and screw the sensor. Phantom connects automatically so it is only necessary to configure basic features like name of the machine.

The system will be sending vibration data as well as temperature, Amperage and speed automatically.


Vibration Analyzer | Digivibe

Digivibe Vibration Analyzer is a very powerful device based on a tablet. With the capacity of a normal PC and with enough memory to store more than 20 million recordings both in time signal and spectrum Digivibe leads the market in this field with an additional capacity for up to 2 million lines of resolution.

Digivibe is the first choice for non-permanent condition monitoring systems and it makes the process very simple and automated.

Digivibe is ultra-portable and wireless. Additionally, it includes applications for mobile phones in case you want to work more comfortably.

Digivibe is also a device for dynamic balancing on site and in swing benches.


Wiser 3X wireless accelerometer


Last but not least, our Wiser 3X Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer is the less expensive device in our range of condition monitoring systems. However, this does not make it less complete. Quite on the contrary! Wiser includes applications for mobile devices to collect data, make routes and review spectra. Additionally, on site balancing is available with the addition of a laser sensor.

Wiser 3X works closely with our database for machinery and bearings.



7. Mobile condition monitoring application – Wiser Vibe

Wiser Vibe application is a 100% dedicated application for condition monitoring. Additionally, Wiser Vibe is also a data collector. It can work with our Wireless accelerometers or any of our Digivibe GX400 interfaces.


What you can do with Wiser Vibe:


Share Wiser Vibe with customers or colleagues. Wiser Vibe is Free. This way your customers or colleagues can use it as well at no additional cost. Hence, our app will update all end users on the latest events in the database, such as new information uploaded, or high vibration alarms.


Route data collector: Wiser Vibe is also a route data collector. You can use Wiser Vibe for collecting data, as well as for balancing with any of our wireless accelerometers or Digivibe GX400 interfaces. Additionally, it is 100% compatible with Phantom condition monitoring.

off Route Analysis-WiserVibe


Receive Notifications of Alarms: Wiser Vibe warns you 24 hours a day on any abnormal event of the machinery when you use Phantom condition monitoring. In case it is necessary, you can readjust these alarms at any time according to the needs of each machine.

Notifications-Wiser Vibe


Off-Route analysis: You can do off-route analysis with Wiser Vibe. Save the signals, send them by email, share them with Digivibe or in the cloud.

Scan the code of your machinery: Are you walking through your company and you are curious about the current condition of a machine?

Take your phone and Scan the QR code. Wiser Vibe will give you the latest recorded vibration values, alarms, and spectrum with a single click.


Create machines: Manage your database from your cell phone, add machines, generate new routes, all from the simple access to phone.


Download Wiser Vibe FREE here:





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