Turbo Balancing Machine

High Precision Turbo Balancing Machine EI 30

EI-30 Turbo Balancing Machine is ideal for very-high speed turbocharger assemblies and light-weight rotors. Also, the low inertia of the soft bearing suspensions reduces resistance to vibration and increases sensitivity & accuracy of the balancing process.

The digital system provides easy and reliable functions for the balancing process. Additionally, its intuitive interface provides fast balancing process capabilities.

Turbo Balancing Machine Features 

  • Balance Assemblies without trial masses.
  • Adjustable RPM with speed driver.
  • Easy to use and easy to adjust.
  • Adjustable pulleys.
  • Manual adjustment of the transmission belt.
  • Bearing supports to minimize mechanical losses.
  • Bearings and nylon supports.
  • Laser RPM sensor.
  • Vibration sensors isolated to prevent corrosion.
Turbo Balancing Machine of Erbessd Instruments
Soft Bearing Suspension

Equipped with Soft Bearing Suspensions

The Ultra-LightSoft Bearing Suspension System (SBS) is designed to allow low-speed balancings on high-speed & light-weight rotors. SBS minimizes inertia and mechanical losses thanks to its aluminum components.

EI-30 Balancing Machine incorporates 2 suspensions that supports up to 30 kg (15kg each). The SBS mechanism significantly improves balancing results with the highest precision on any kind of compatible rotating parts.

With this system, all balancing are performed between 1000 and 5000 RPM because the mechanics allow the rotor to spin around its gravity center instead of its geometric center.

DigivibeMX® M10 included

DigivibeMX® M10 is an easy-to-use kit1 that fits perfectly with the EI-30 Balancing Machine, you can perform accurate 2-plane balancings in just 2 runs.

Balance More… 

We know that you will surely need to balance other types of parts, that’s why the EI-30 Turbo Balancing Machine also balances pulleys, small crankshafts, motor armors and all kinds of rotors that can be mounted on it.

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