A complete, reliable and productive
Dynamic Balancing System

The DigivibeMX® M10 System is the Dynamic Balancing System with more functions in the market. It is built with an intuitive interface and designed also for the most demanding users.

New version, more functional.

Announcing the new DigivibeMX® with a redesigned user interface, new functionalities, multi-language support, and many more features.

Balancing Tools for 1 & 2 Planes
DigivibeMX® M10 offer dynamic balancing tools and functions for both in situ and balancing machines.
With a single click you start balancing. Its automated tracking filter allows to identify the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies caused by slightly changes of speed. The balancing speed range varies from 60 to 150,000 RPM with signal recording times of up to 5 minutes 1.
Multi-language Support
  • Available languages3: English, Spanish, French & Turkish
  • Download extra languages4
  • Easy-to-switch
Rich Tooltips
The Rich Tooltips feature inside DigivibeMX® M10, allows you to understand every function before you use it.

Aim the cursor over any button and instantly will pop up a tooltip with animations and the explanation of the function; very useful for beginners or trainees.

Starting MSRP $3895.00 USD