Wireless Accelerometer Recording

Collecting Vibration Data Wirelessly!

A wireless vibration transmitter is the perfect tool when trying to gather data remotely. There are occasions in which the desired measurement points are located in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, so gathering data wirelessly is the best choice.

Wireless technologies provide a lot of benefits for interconnection of devices, however, limitations that prevent communication exist.

How to choose the best Wireless Technology?

To choose appropriately the employed technology by a wireless vibration transmitter, it is important to identify the wireless communication protocols that are normally used.

Data transfer protocols

Then, we must consider the following:

  • These devices are usually set in closed environments.
  • A large number of devices can be on the same network.
  • Battery life should last more than two years.
  • It is preferred a Point-to-Multipoint topology.

Taking into account the previous statements, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0) is the best option.

The Phantom® system from Erbessd Instruments® includes a wireless vibration transmitter that integers a triaxial accelerometer, Bluetooth BLE module, and a processor to offer a complete solution to remote vibration monitoring. This transmitter is non-invasive and easy to install. Thanks to wireless technology, it uses low power to function, so this extends battery life significantly.

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Factors that may prevent proper operation

Many times, the machinery we want to analyze and monitor is located in environments that do not favor wireless communications. For example, if the wireless sensor that monitors a machine is located inside a metallic enclosure and the receptor or Gateway is placed outside of it, the thickness of the metal sheet will greatly affect the transmission.

Typically, vibration transmitters do not support sending data in this type of scenarios. However, the Phantom system transmitter is an exception.

Regarded as “…possibly the magic Unicorn system we’ve been looking for”, the wireless vibration transmitter from the Phantom system, was tested at the Johnson & Johnson facilities in Ireland. The device was placed inside one of their air handling unit enclosure (AHU), which is a sealed container build with steel sheets. The maximum transmission distance obtained between the wireless transmitter and the Gateway was 35 meters (115 feet). A considerable number given the circumstances of the test.

Phantom Temperature Sensor placed in fan

Nowadays, vibration monitoring and analysis is a fundamental part in machine maintenance. It is necessary to create efficient maintenance plans to save costs.

The Phantom® system, not only has a vibration sensor, it also has a wide variety of wireless transmitters that can measure extreme temperatures, three-phase amperage, RPM, speed, or any other general purpose sensor. Every transmitter has an ideal design that allows an easy installation without the need to heavily modify the machine.

It is necessary to obtain a complete solution that gives us the ability to monitor different variables to perform a complete monitoring and thus be able to find the causes that generate failures more quickly.

Here at Erbessd Instruments®, we are passionate about new technologies and how to integrate them in our products. If you want to know all about our complete vibration monitoring and balancing systems, visit our website.


Esteban Rodríguez, is a Electro-Mechanical Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. He is passionate about technologies and a hobbyist programmer, he is currently part of the Programming and Tech Support Team at Erbessd Instruments®

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