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Phantom gateway configuration

Phantom gateway configuration

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Phantom gateways are devices that connect phantom condition monitoring sensors to the outside world (the cloud) or else to your local database. Phantom gateways have 2 wireless protocols (Wifi and BLE 5.0) as well as Ethernet connectivity.

Within the first time you turn on your phantom gateway, it will act as an access point with the SSID “PHANTOM01”, being “01” the serial number of your phantom gateway.

If your gateway is already configured and you need to reconfigure it, or else if your gateway does not turn into Access Point mode we can reset it. When the device is on, put a paperclip on the little pinhole located on the left side of the screen until you notice a click.

This will activate the Gateway Access Point Mode. Connect to it with a computer or a cellphone using the password “88888888” (8 times the number 8). 


Next, with the help of any web browser, we go to the device configuration page by entering the IP address:

Wireless connection

To select a WiFi connection you need to do the following:

  • Choose the network between the options in SSID
  • Type the password of the selected WiFi Network
  • Click on Save Settings

Remember that the Gateway should be in the same network as the computer with EI-Analytics or the Monitor Module.

IP Settings

Some companies require Wi-Fi device connection via static IP. Consult a local network administrator for the required addresses to Static IP configuration. To configure the Gateway this way you need to fill these fields:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:

Monitor configuration

In most cases, the EI Monitor IP address will be detected automatically as long as both the Phantom Gateway and EI-Monitoring are in the same subnet. If the EI Monitor IP address is not detected automatically (because it’s in a different subnet) you can mark the “Static Monitor configuration” checkbox and enter the address in the “Monitor IP Address” field.

To get the IP address from EI Monitoring (Windows version) go to Settings – Get IP address.



If you want to connect the Gateway using an Ethernet connection, it will ignore every other configuration done before and prioritize the physical connection.

Repeater configuration

Phantom Gateways can connect either directly to EI Monitor through your WiFi or Ethernet network or they can connect through another gateway. Ideally, whenever possible, this direct connection should be achieved via WiFi or Ethernet, as this will provide higher transmission speed; if this is not possible, the Gateway device can be configured to have the ability to connect to another Gateway that is connected to the Internet. If no WiFi or ethernet network can be set up, a Phantom gateway can connect to another Phantom Gateway that is already connected to either WiFi or Ethernet. To set up a gateway as a repeater Only enable the “Work as a repeater” checkbox, nothing else is needed. No WiFi or network configuration is needed on this mode.

Phantom Gateways configured to “Work as a repeater” will automatically search for another Gateway that is already connected to the network and will autoconfigure themselves using a proprietary wireless protocol to send data to the closest gateway. No extra configuration is needed.

Note: Several gateways can be connected to the same network directly, despite in this case the image shows only one.

Meaning of “Repeater Level X” on Gateway Screen

Repeater level 2 means that the device is the closest to the gateway if you configure another gateway as a repeater and it is further away it will show the legend Repeater level 3 and so on.

Send data to Cloud

Now you can send your data directly to your EI-Analytic account with the Phantom Gateways. Select the option “Send data to EI Analytic” and the gateway will connect directly with the EI-Analytic cloud services. No monitor service is needed, just check the box and save settings. 


When using this option, the Gateway’s time zone must be configured in the Phantom Manager application.

Save Settings

By clicking “Save Settings” the EI-Gateway will reboot and the settings will be saved.

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