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SBS-300 | Soft Bearing Suspension

SBS300-pair for balancing

Soft Bearing Suspension KIT – DIY Balancing Machine

Soft Bearing Suspension KIT for DIY Balancing Machine. SBS-300 allows you to make a very high precision Balancing Machine for universal purposes with a low investment.
Moreover, these are key elements for a dynamic balancing machine, and with the downloadable technical drawings, you are ready to build your DIY Balancing Machine.

The heart of the machine

The SBS-300 is a soft bearing balancing module that allows the rotor to move freely in only one axis, that’s why all the elements were designed to minimize the mechanical losses to maximize the sensitivity like the rotor was suspended in mid-air.
Be able to perform dynamic balances below operational speed without sacrifice precision and quality. Additionally, balancing with soft bearing suspension is done at higher frequencies than the suspension’s resonance frequency.

Compatible with standard accelerometers

The soft bearing suspension system allows the rotor to spin around its gravity center instead of its geometric center. Meanwhile, displacement is measured by accelerometers that you fixed in the 1/4 – 28 NF threaded hole of the SBS-300


The SBS-300 can support up to 300 kg (150 kg each support) and allows shaft diameters of 152 mm (6 in). It also has an elevator screw to adjust the position in case the rotor supports have different diameters up to 25.4 mm (1 in) and a swinging movement for auto-alignment and prevent distortion on the shaft’s rolling surface. In addition to these features, balance the shaft with bearings using the V-Block included.

Advantages of building your DIY Balancing Machine

  • Save up to 70% compared with the same capacity balancing machine.
  • Avoid high shipping costs and reduce customs fees.
  • Adapt the dimensions of the machine according to your space requirements
  • Update old dynamic balancing machine. (ask our experts the possibilities).


  • Cantilever roller supports
  • Roller bearing’s swing system
  • V-block for place shaft bearings
  • Preparation for negative load supports
  • Elevation screw with 1 inch. effective length
  • Locking system
  • 1/4-28 UNF threaded hole to mate with accelerometers
  • Aluminum-steel body that makes them lightweight
  • No calibration needed


  • Negative load supports
  • Set transmission pulleys
  • Axial load supports
  • Transmission Belt

Technical Specifications 

Weight:9.5 kg (21 lbs) Each
Dimensions (L x W x H):260 x 76 x 309 mm (10.250 x 3 x 12.1875 in)
Min Load:10 kg (22 lb)
Max Load:300 kg (660 lb) / Pair
Max Displacement:16 mm (0.600 in)
Max Shaft Diameter in Supports:152 mm (6 in)
Min Bearing Surface Contacts:16 mm (0.600 in)
Residual Imbalance2mg


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