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EI-1000 | Balancing Machine

1000 kg Balancing Machine| EI-1000

We offer a wide variety of balancing machines to match your dynamic balancing needs. From weights of 6 kg up to 1000 kg and maximum diameters of 1650 mm, EI-1000 is a balancing machine for ideal for all types of rotating parts such as rollers, motor rotos, Crankshafts, fans, mills, and many more. Together with powerful software and many other additional features, our balancing machines are the most realiable and accurate solution to perform balancing processes.

Equiped with Soft Bearing Suspension System

The Soft Bearing Suspension System (SBS) is designed to allow free radial displacement. SBS minimizes friction and mechanical losses among its steel components.
EI-1000 Balancing Machine incorpores two suspensions that supports up to 1000 kg (500kg each). SBS mechanism allows to improve balancings with a very high precision on almost any kind of rotating parts. With this system, all balancings will be performed at higher frequencies and allows to the rotor spin around its gravity center instead of its geometric center.


Included when acquiring your balancing machine; DigivibeMX is the most powerful and precise solution for dynamic balancing available on the market today. It is built with an intuitive interface and designed for both novice and for the most demanding users.


You will also get our most recent interface; GX-400 (datasheet) is the best interface to perform quality dynamic balancing. The 4 channel interface comes with 2 accelerometers and 1 tachometer


  • Balancing in 1 and 2 planes without trail weights.
  • Variable speed with inverter.
  • Adjustable pulleys.
  • 3 liberty axis per pedestal.
  • Easy ajust of the transmission system and support distance.
  • Soft bearing suspension to minimize friction.
  • Axial supports.
  • Sealed sensors to avoid corrosion.
  • Auto-aligned slices.
  • Easy calibration.

Additional Accesories

  • Negative load supports
  • Set transmission pulleys
  • Axial load supports
  • Transmission Belt

Technical Specifications

Max/Min Symetrical Load500 kg (2200 lb) / 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Dimensions2020 x 1382 x 1363 mm
Weight445 kg (982 lb)
Maximum Rotor Diameter1650 mm (65 in)
Maximum weight per base1500 kg (1100 lb)
Maximum SBS displacement22 mm (0.9 in)
Maximum Journal diameter225 mm (8.8 in)
Min / Max distance between supports250 mm (9.9 in) / 1524 mm (60 in)
TransmissionFlat Belt
LubricationType-I (manual)
Precision± 0.01 mm/s
Accelerometer Sensitivity100 mV/g
ISO 295397%
Residual umbalance0.02 gr mm kg rotor
Motor Features3.73 kW (5hp)   220/440 V, 3 Phases, 4 Poles
Speed DriverIncluded 3.37 kW AC (5hp)

Software Functions

4 Channel, triaxial Capable (standard Kit)
Balancing Report (CSS, Excel, Word)
Balancing in situ 1 and 2 planes
Balancing calculator with 12 functions
Balancing without trial weights

System requirements

Processor Quar-Core or superior
Windows 10 (supports Windows 8.1 or Windows 7*)
SVGA Monitor or superior
Touch screen compatible
4GB free disk space
1 USB 2.0 port
*Cannot be installed on Windows RT devices

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