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Phantom Gen 3


Meet the third generation Phantom Bluetooth Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer. With all the features the Phantom wireless eco-system has become known for! The new design allows repeatable, reliable use in even the worst environmental scenarios. With the new integrated threaded mounting assembly, you may easily, and quickly adjust the sensors dominant axis as necessary without the need for any special tools or mounting pads. 

All the features you already love are still present in our third-generation Phantom.  Meet the Next Generation of Wireless Machine Health Monitoring.

Phantom Gen 3 High Range

Frequency Range (X,Y) Frequency Range (Z) Dynamic Range
0.5-10,000 Hz
0.5-5,100 Hz

Phantom Gen 3 High Sensitivity

Frequency Range (X,Y) Frequency Range (Z) Dynamic Range
0.5-4,000 Hz
0.5-1,800 Hz

Mount Anywhere!

The Phantom Gen 3 is designed to be compatible with any rotating machine. Its compact dimensions ensure easy installation in the most difficult environments. The robust design and distance between the accelerometer and the base is minimal to ensure unmatched repeatability & reliability.

The industrial design allows it to be exposed to most of industries harshest environments including 85°C (185°F) maximum temperature and features an internal temperature sensor fully potted in epoxy  that allows it to record the surface temperature of the machine with an accuracy of up to +/- 5°C (+/- 5°F). The temperature along with full spectrum data, velocity RMS, acceleration enveloping and more is easily trendable to monitor your machine’s performance over time, and react when necessary to eliminate unnecessary downtime and maintenance cost. 

The market leading battery and power management technology collects up to 65,000 measurements intelligently and accurately with a field replaceable, easily sourced CR2477 battery.

MSRP: $369.95 USD

Compared to competitive wired and wireless triaxial sensor equivelants…Phantom G3 delivers the highest ROI of any triaxial vibration sensor available for purchase today!

Bluetooth Vibration with Integrated Temperature Sensor improved for you

Continuous improvement is in the DNA of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS. Your feedback matters, and that feedback drives our product innovation. The Gen 3 Phantom Sensor incorporates a higher level of environmental protection, incredible power management technology, an easily sourceable field repaceable battery, and a built in mounting base that is easily adjustable to ensure Phantom G3 is installed with the dominant axis properly oriented. 

Unmatched Environmental Protection

With IP69  protection, the Phantom G3 Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer achieves a quality never seen before in vibration sensors, allowing your sensor to be exposed in the most demanding environments.

  • Constant Water Jets
  • High Humidity Environments
  • Dust 

Our new third-generation Phantom is designed in accordance with the highest quality standards, and the ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS ISO:9001 Quality Management System.

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