Responsive Interface

with 3D animation

Ideal for high speed turbochargers as
well as for other low weight rotors.

Thanks to the compact and durable housing of the sensors, you can work even in very tight places and in the most difficult enviroments. CCD detectors also eliminate the need for machine pre-alignment.

Technical Specifications

Material Anodized aluminium
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 32 mm
Laser radiation Diode laser with laser
wavelength 635 nm, class II
Laser power < 1 mW
Measurement distance Up to 10m
Detector length 30 mm
Detector type Digital CCD detector
Measurement accuracy 0.3% ± 7 m
Inclinometer 0.1
Degree of protection IP65
Operating time up to 20 Hours
Bluetooth 4.0
Operating temperature 14° F to 140° F (-10° C to +60° C)
EI-Shaft Ace™ is a commercial brand from Erbessd Instruments using the technology developed by VIBRO-LASER Instruments LLC. Every patent and associated brands to the product are property of each developer.