Soft Foot Detection & Verification

Soft Foot Detection & Verification

Sometimes Simple Problems Need Advanced Solutions

A routine vibration check on an edge cutter identified a possible soft-foot issue.  This was confirmed with and old-school analogue approach and corroborated using latest video deflection technology; seeing the unseen! with DragonVision.

Step 1 - Identify the problem

Non-Contact Video Deflection Selected

Routine vibration data was collected from the cutter bearings indicated below.

Step 2 - Apply the Technology


During analysis of the velocity data it was noticed that the 1x rpm of the cutter was high.  The missing bolt was an indication also and was replaced…

Step 3 - Identify the Root Cause

Testing the Theory

To confirm this was in fact the problem causing the high 1x vibration, a motion video of the foot was taken using Erbessd Dragon Visio video deflection technology. The resultant video helped demonstrate the problem to our client.

The video was shot using an iPhone 6, with no special lighting.  The 30 second clip took 20 minutes to adjust in the Dragonvision software to come up with a good representation of the fault.

The floor underneath the foot has crumbled away, probably caused by how the initial product is introduced to the machine (high loads).

Step 4 - A Picture is Worth 1000 Words....A Video Tells the Whole Story!

Completed Video Deflection Model

The recommendation is to rebuild the floor under foot either by using epoxy resin or remounting the whole cutter as well as considering how  a product is introduced to the machine.

Whilst not urgent; if the soft-foot fault is not addressed the machine will go in and out of alignment which is likely to cause a rub on the bearings (there is also a history of this machine whereby the motor overheats and trips-out).

In less than 10 minutes a problem that had been studied for nearly 30 man hours was solved using DragonVision Video Deflection Technology. Are you ready to See the Unseen?