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It is hard to imagine how a small idea can transform lives of so many people.

– I just had an idea! what if I buy a photo-resistor, a resistor and try to make an optical sensor for balancing along with my accelerometer -. I went to my local store and bought those 2 things and Aha!… like they say, the rest is history. Erbessd Instruments was born.

At one time I was on the other side….a customer, Vibration Analyzers were way too expensive and limited my ability to become an independent vibration analyst. At the beginning I just wanted to build a Vibration Analyzer for my self and my own business, but others started to have a lot of interest in my device. With a little expertise in electronics and programming I started an adventure…and a few months later my best partner (my wife) Pao would join me.  Progressively more very valuable people began believing in this idea of making balancing and vibration affordable and Erbessd Instruments began to thrive with our entire team focused on live convinced of bringing vibration analysis to the world at a fair price.


We develop state-of-the-art innovative technologies for vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, and machine alignment.


To be recognized as the leading manufacturer of analytical equipment that improves machine health worldwide. 

Small businesses and service companies have been since the beginning our platform to gain trust inside the industrial environment and we are so thankful to all our early customers who believed in us, “Thank you All, we will not disappoint you”.

Today’s biggest (but not less important) customers among others are Google Inc, Harvard

We are proud to announce that in 2018 we acquired our 3rdand largest facility where we are focusing on building the next generation ISO:9001 Manufacturing Facility.


Thierry Erbessd G.