Universal Accelerometer
Wireless Adapter

GP8 is the only 8-channel Universal Accelerometer to Wireless Phantom converter with Modbus comunication for additional standard applications.

GP8 Works with a 5 Volts power supply. Additionally, GP8 works with Phantom Standard Gateway receiver supporting more than 150 sensors at the same time.


The signal from the Phantom sensors is encrypted which ensures the reliability of the information and the security of your data.

Sensor Type Universal Accelerometer
Wireless Adapter
Input Range ± 3 Volts / ± 24 Volts
Amplitude range 24 bits – 108 dB
Channels 8 Channels
Sampling Rate 44100 Hz
Internal Temperature Accuracy ± 1 °C
(± 1.8 °F)
Operating Temperatures -40 to 85 °C
(-40 to 185 °F)
Storage Temperatures -60 to 105 °C
(-76 to 221 °F)
Size 100mm x 120 mm x50 mm
100 grams / 3.5 oz
Power supply 5 volts
Transmission Type 2.4 GHz BLE 5.0
Distance Range 150m, Line of Sight
Distance w/ Repeaters Unlimited
IP Rating IP67

Main Characteristics

BLE 5.0 comunication.
Modbus protocol added.
IP67 Protection
48 kHz Sample Rate
6400 lines of resolution
Velocity RMS Values every 5 minutes
Internal Velocity RMS calcualted every 30
seconds for alarm settings

MSRP $1995.00 USD