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Balancing Machine 300 kg

Dynamic Balancing Machine – EI-300

Ideal for almost all kinds of rotating parts up to 300 kg such as rolls, motor’s shafts, blowers, crankshafts, mills…


EI-300 uses light and resistant materials for the SBS System in order to reduce inertia.

  • Single and two plane balancing.
  • Variable speed with a VFD.
  • Adjustable pulleys.
  • Three liberty axis for each pedestal to allow free movement.
  • Manual adjust for power transmission and distance between supports.
  • Soft Bearing Suspension system to avoid mechanical looseness.
  • Axial support system.
  • Sensors integrated to avoid corrosion.
  • Cantilever Bearing support.
  • Easy calibration.
Balacing Machine 300kg detail
EI300 soft bearing

Equiped with Soft Bearing Suspension System

The Soft Bearing Suspension System (SBS) is designed to allow free radial displacement. The SBS minimizes friction and mechanical losses among its aluminum components.

EI-300 Balancing Machine incorporates two suspensions that support up to 300 kg (150 kg each). The SBS mechanism improves balancing with the highest precision on almost any kind of rotating part. With this system, all balancings will be performed at higher frequencies and allows the rotor to spin around its center of gravity instead of its geometric center.

DigivibeMX® M10 included

DigivibeMX M10 is an easy-to-use kit1 that fits perfectly with the EI-300 Balancing Machine, so you can perform balancing in one or two planes.

*Optional Tablet Accessory, any Windows PC meeting the minimum recommended requirements is capable of running the DigivibeMX M10 software.

Digivibe Kit

Technical Data

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