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 Is it easy to balance with your system?

Yes it is. Minimum knowledge is required, but we also have many tutorials in the Galery-Video tab that you may watch in order to learn. Manuals are also in english.

 Is the process of balancing fast?

Usually it is, sometimes there are other mechanical problems such as looseness or damaged bearing that can delay the balancing process.

 Can we balance on the field, “in situ”?

Yes you can, this system is very light, and as you don´t need any batteries you don´t need to worry about charging the system, as long as your computer is charged. An advantage of balancings on the field is that the user sees immediately the condition of the machine before and after the balancing.

 Is it possible to balance on a lathe?

Yes this is possible, this system is very sensitive to low vibrations. Its FFT algorithm isolates the vibration due to the unbalance and skips all other vibration frequencies. To balance on a lathe it is important to balance first the chuck of the lathe, otherwise the unbalance mass could be mixed and you would be correcting boths unbalances on your rotor. It is also important that your lathe reaches at least 1/2 of the normal speed of your rotor.

 Is it possible to balance driveshafts with your system?

Yes it is, there are 2 ways to do it:
The first one is “in situ”.The second one needs 2 chucks to hold both ends of the driveshaft. If you plan to balance many driveshafts we can help you to build a balancing machine for that purpose.

 Do you give counseling for the use of your system?

Of course, we can solve any doubt by phone or Skype. Although there are some good tutorials in our site as well as on youtube. Skype is a good way to comunicate because you can share your screen with us and we can guide you step by step. Our Skype account is erbessd.instruments

 Can your system be used as an upgrade for our old balancing machine?

Yes of course, most of our clients have purchased this system to upgrade their old balancing machines. Because it’s a portable system you can use it for both purposes, “in situ” and/or for a balancing machine.

 Can you provide us advice for building our own balancing machine?

Yes we can, in fact one of our products is the Soft Bearing Suspensions kit that comes with the drawings of the balancing machine. This means that you only purchase the most complex accessories of the balancing machine and you build the rest, this is a very economic option for you.

 Are spare parts expensive?

Spare parts are very economic, also as your system is based in a normal computer, most of the time the only thing you will have to change is the computer itself and you will only need to reinstall the software.

 Is your system accurate?

Our system is very accurate, thanks to its tracking filter, the software isolates the vibration due to unbalance from all the other frequencies. With this system you can reach balancings with a 2.5 quality grade.

 What is the speed range for balancing with your system?

This system can balance in a range of speeds of 60 RPM to more than 120,000 RPM.

 What is the maximum size of machines I can balance?

For this system, the size of your machine doesn´t matter. What really matters is that you are able to make the machine rotate with a constant speed.

 Does your system calculates the size of the counterweights I need to add?

Yes it does, the balancing calculator has many formulas to help you calculate the size of the counterweights as well as the drill depth in case you need to make holes to remove weight. This calculator can also help you to split weights, combine masses, and calculate the residual unbalance among other formulas.

Can I add extensions to the sensors?

Yes you can. Actually sometimes it’s very dangerous to stay close to the machine you are balancing, so you can add an extension cable up to 100 mts. Cables are shielded type, so you can find them on electronic stores or we can sell you the one you need.

 Is it possible to balance without the optical sensor?

Yes this is possible. The process is a little bit longer. The balancing calculator has a “No trial mass balancing” formula with an easy to use graphic interface.

 Can your system generate and print balancing/analysis reports?

Yes it can, with only 1 click, you create your report selecting the data you want to add and, because it’s a Word format document, you will be able to add comments and the information you consider important. You can also export the recording files so you can have an external database to store them.

 Do you have references?

We have sold more than 2500 systems all over the world, so yes we have a lot of references.

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