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Our philosophy is driven by the following facts:

Thinking of the user first will make us the best

We believe that the needs of the customers are always our first goal, development of our products is driven by the needs and ideas of our customers first. More than anything else if we take care of our customers, and our customers are happy, then everything else will come together for our company.

A happy company is invincible

Our people are our most valuable resource…we will support they without reservation… A happy team makes our company invincible.

Vibration Analysis does not have to be expensive

The best does not have to be expensive, similarly making technology expensive does not make it the best. Most newer electronic components are quite inexpensive compared to common vibration analysis market, we truly believe that people should not be paying thousands of dollars for a brand and proprietary ideas.

Integrity First….

Our goal is to gain our customers trust not their money. We deeply believe that if we make our customers happy success for our company will come naturally.

Being good is never enough

We love the work we do and we know that today’s “me” always needs to be better than “yesterday´s me”. In other words, we believe that training and continuous improvement is the best food to feed our company.

We always have something we can do best

A good system can always be improved. That is why we release regular software and hardware updates.

Our weaknesses can make us stronger

Our experience tells us that understanding and communicating “what we do” (today), “what we will do” (tomorrow) and “what we might be able to do” (potential future) has been an asset more than a weakness, we focus every day on becoming better by never focusing on what “can’t be done”.


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