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EI-300 Technical Specs

EI300 general dimensions-front
Max load300 kg (660 lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H)2 019 x 1 358 x 983 mm
 (79.5 x 53.5 x 38.7 in)
Weight200 kg (440 lb)
Max rotor diameter1,400 mm (55 in)
Max Load per support150 kg (330 lb)
Max displacement 0 to peak12 mm (0.5 in)
Max Shaft diameter76 mm (3 in)
Min/ Max Lenght76 mm (3 in) /
1778 mm (70 in)
Motor speed1800 RPM / 60Hz
Power transmissionBelt
LubricationType-I (manual)
Accuracy±0.01 mm/s
Sensitivity330 mV/G
ISO 2953 Unbalance reduction per sequence97%
Residual unbalance1 gmm / 100 kg rotor
Motor2.28 kW AC (3 hp)
Electrical specs220/440 V, 3 phases, 4 poles


Electronic Specs

2-Channel Interface (1)

4 chanel interface

4-pin connectors (I, II, B): for 24V accelerometers

5-pin connector (Op): Optical Sensor

Selector button (Ch 1 / Ch 2)

Cable with USB connector (15cm)

Weight 200g

Dimensions (mm): 60(D) x 90(W) x 30(H)

Accelerometers (2)

ICP Accelerometers

Max Impact Shock: 1000 g’s peak

Freq. response (+/- 3dB): 0.32 – 15000 Hz

Freq. response (+/- 5%): 2 – 10000 Hz

Sensitivity: 100 mV/g +/- 10%

Transverse sensitivity: < 5%

Power supply: 18-30 V / 3-8 mA

Short-circuit protection

Operation temp.: ?10 – 50 °C

Protection grade: IP 67, III

Impact resistance: IEC 60028-27

Stainless steel body.

Optical Sensor (1)

optical sensor

Analogic output

Range: 1 – 5000 Hz

Power supply: 3.5 – 7 V

Current: 20 – 30 mA

Voltage drop: <0.4 V

Short circuit, Reverse current and Over-Voltage protection (15V for 1 minute)

Operating temp: ?10 – 50 °C

Protection grade: IP 61

Impact Resistance: IEC 60028-27

Operation Distance: <15m

Weight 28g

Aluminum body

Includes Magnetic base

Accessories & Spare Parts

EI-300 Balancing Machine has a wide range of optional accessories and spares to increase performace and realiability.

Negative Load Support

Negative Load Support SBS300

It’s an accessory for EI- 300 Balancing Machine required to secure rotors with high levels of vibration, like crankshafts.

Each support includes bearings and has adjustable height.

Transmission Belt

Power transmission V-belt made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber for resistance to weathering, oils, water, and some solvents. Its cords are bonded to the body are strongly bonded to the body of the belt for equal load distribution and reducing bending stress without deterioration of the cord. 

Axial Supports


Designed to limit the axial rotor’s displacement on the EI-300 balancing machine. It has 2 axes to adjust up to 1 meter shaft’s length from the supports. They include the mounting base to the balancing pedestal, an axial and radial arm and a rolling element at the tip.

Pulleys Set

SBS300 Pulley Set

Set of 3 bearing pulleys and 1 driver pulley for EI-300 flat belt.


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