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Howard University, established in 1867 after the Civil War, originated as a theological seminary but expanded into a comprehensive university within two years. Named after Civil War hero General Oliver O. Howard, it initially received support from the Freedmen’s Bureau and later from Congress. Howard is renowned for its commitment to educating diverse students, particularly African Americans, and has received continuous accreditation since 1921. The university emphasizes eliminating racial and socioeconomic inequities and has awarded over 100,000 degrees across various disciplines. Its 14 schools and colleges offer a wide range of academic programs. The university’s library system, including the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, is extensive. Howard operates media outlets like WHUR-FM and WHUT-TV and provides pre-collegiate education through its Early Learning Program and Middle School of Mathematics and Science. The main campus, located in Washington, DC, encompasses numerous buildings, and the university also maintains a West Campus. Howard University Hospital serves both the community and as a training facility. Howard competes in varsity sports and has a diverse student body of over 13,000, attracting top scholars and producing numerous prestigious scholarship recipients.

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