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Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer

Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer

What is a Wireless Accelerometer?

A Wireless Accelerometer is a device that converts motion or vibration into a voltage signal which is then transmitted to a receiver using a wireless protocol. Wireless accelerometers are used in industry to avoid the usage of cables which can be expensive or difficult to install.

Our Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer is a vibration sensor specially designed for vibration analysis with universal compatibility in mind. WiSER 3x is a wifi accelerometer that sends 3 axis vibration data + 1 additional channel simultaneously to any data collector on the market. Also, WiSER 3x is a wireless ultra-low noise accelerometer with 10 kHz bandwidth that exceeds the characteristics of most conventional accelerometers.

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WiSER Universal Receiver

Use WiSER 3x on your own system… The Wireless Accelerometer Universal Receiver is specially designed to connect to any vibration analysis equipment on the market to our Wireless Accelerometer. Therefore, This is the # 1 choice for wireless conversion of your system. 

Real Time vibration streaming

Our 3 axis accelerometer sends data in real-time with a maximum delay of 0.2 seconds. Thus, allowing more than 1 million lines of resolution as well as recordings of several hours continuously if needed.

Wireless Accelerometer WISER 3X
Wireless Accelerometer WiSER Vibe App

A Wireless Accelerometer compatible with your Cellphone!

Use your cellphone as a Vibration Analyzer: Our triaxial wireless sensor is able to connect to iOS and Windows devices. You can take recordings and perform simple FFT analysis on 4 simultaneous channels with our vibration analysis app WiSER Vibe. Furthermore, connect your WiSER 3x directly via WiFi, it requires NO receiver!

Download WiSER Vibe for free

WiSER 3X Mini

Learn more about the most portable wireless accelerometers in the market. Vibration analysis just in the palm of your hand.

Wireless Dynamic Balancing

Using our free app WiSER Vibe Pro or Digivibe for Windows, you can do dynamic balancing in situ and perform a multiplane balancing with WiSER 3x.

Just pair it and go, truly fast balancing!

Download WiSER. 

Wireless triaxial WiSER Balance App

Fast Data Collection Mode

WiSER 3x will measure Acceleration, Speed, Displacement and Envelope of acceleration in a single recording. No need for independent captures.

The power button is also used to start or stop a capture. Thus, you will not lose time having to release the accelerometer every time you record a new point. This is especially useful when collecting routes.

Wireless Accelerometer Recording
EI-Analytic Vibration analyzer and condition monitoring

Anywhere, Anytime… Share Your Data

You have the freedom to manage your data. Feel free to share your measurements through the cloud or by email, granting a deeper level of analysis experience with DigivibeMX.

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Portable Wireless Accelerometer

Just place it and go! Take your wireless sensor, place it at the measuring point and then press button to start a measure. With this in mind you will get multiple measurements in just few seconds!

Wireless Accelerometer Kit
Wireless Accelerometer Multiplataform

Multi-platform Wireless Accelerometer

Everything you need, anywhere you need it. Tablet, Laptop, or Mobile… You choose the part form. Use WiSER 3x with DigivibeMX software.

Get your DigivbeMX now!

Key Features

  • Compatible with any data collector device
  • Full bandwidth 10kHz
  • Long distance range up to 20m
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Operation temperature up to 185ºF (80ºC)
  • Stand-by Mode
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Meet Our Products

WiSER 3x Mini

High Range & High Sensitivity
MEMS type accelerometers (100 mV/G)
6400 Resolution Lines
3 Simultaneous Vibration Recording
Off & On Route Recording
Compatible only with WiSER Vibe App
50m Distance Range

WiSER 3x

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer
Full bandwidth 15kHz
Sensitivity of 100 mV/G
Long Distance Range up to 20m
Stainless stell housing
Operation temperature up to 185°F (80°C)
Ideal for Real Life ODS & Route based Recording


One-Axis Accelerometer
Full Bandwidth 15kHz
Ultra low-noise accelerometer
Long Distance Range up to 15m
IP67 Protection Grade
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Ideal for Route Based data Collection

WiSER 3X Mini

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer
  • High Range & High Sensitivity
  • MEMS type accelerometers (100 mV/g)
  • 6400 Resolution Lines
  • 3 Simultaneous Vibration Recording
  • Off & On Route Recording
  • Compatible only with WiSER Vibe app
  • 50m DIstance Range


Wireless Accelerometer
  • Monoaxial Accelerometer
  • Full bandwidth 10kHz
  • Ultra low-noise accelerometer
  • Long distance range up to 15m
  • IP67 Grade
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Ideal for Real Life ODS & Route Based Data Collection

Wireless Vibration Sensor

EPH-V11E | Triaxial Vibration Sensor
a $
  • 10kHz Fmax
  • Full waveform and Spectrum data
  • Programmable Internal RMS trigger
  • Configurable Sample rate: 25600 Hz max
  • Selectable Resolution lines: 6,400 & 12,800
  • Up to 65,000 measurements
  • Configurable Velocity Alarms
  • IP69 protection grade
  • Multiple recording options Including on demand

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