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Wireless Temperature Sensor – Infrared


EPH-T20 | Wireless Temperature Sensor – Infrared

This Wireless Temperature Sensor embeds an IR sensor and brings you the commodity of technology: No wires. The sensor can read temperature up to +380°C with a distance of 1 meter using a high technology thermo receptor with an amazing accuracy. His battery last as long as any other Phantom sensor and can be easily replaced if needed.

Condition Monitoring & Industrial Automation | Modbus

Wireless Modbus Temperature Sensor — EPH Sensors include Modbus Protocol for industrial applications. Compatible with Condition Monitoring systems, Scada Systems PLC Etc.
Modbus is the most important Standard for Industrial Communication Protocol.

In conclusion, your Wireless Temperature Sensor is totally compatible with any PLC, Scada system or any other Modbus TCP / IP communication systemLearn more


  • Measures temperature for object and ambient
  • Measure Range from -70 to +380°C
  • Easy to install
  • Configurable Alarm value
  • Standby mode and long battery life
  • Configurable Measurement Interval
  • Configure your sensor using your mobile
  • IP67 Design for protection from liquid and dust


Infrared Phantom 

With the infrared temperature sensor you can collect data from your machines with an incredible precision. Click here to open the data-sheet.

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