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Phantom GPIO DryContact

Wireless General propuse module

Phantom GPIO DryContact (EPH-G63) | General Purpose Sensor

With the phantom EPH-G63, you can measure up to 4 channels of 0 and 1 inputs. Connect any digital input sensor and receive wireless data.

Condition Monitoring | Industrial Automation

Bluetooth Modbus 4-20mA Sensor — EPH Sensors include Modbus Protocol for industrial applications. Compatible with Condition Monitoring systems, Scada Systems PLC etc.
Modbus is the most important Standard for Industrial Communication Protocol. In conclusion, your Bluetooth 4-20mA Sensor is totally compatible with any PLC, Scada system or any other Modbus TCP / IP communication systemLearn more



  • Measures 4 Channels simultaneously
  • Easy to install
  • Standby mode and long battery life
  • IP67 Design for protection from liquid and dust

Phantom Dry Contact

With the General Purpose Phantom you can adapt the data collection to your specific needs. Click here to see the data-sheet.

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