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Ethics Code

At ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS we are committed that in the field of ethics, in addition to legal obligations, there are  duties, convictions, values and personal responsibilities we all must adhere to. 

The Code of Ethics applies to all employees and contractors of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS

Keeping each of our standards in mind means evaluating the way we conduct ourselves and exemplify our culture as individuals and as an organization.

The principles, norms and values are the frame of reference with which we determine whether an action is correct and ethically supports  our conduct.

Taking into account the above, the Code of Ethics means the commitment of each one of us to live and exemplify the guidelines that determine the way in which we should conduct ourselves; more than  text, it is the document that defines the standards that insure we behave with integrity and thus reflect our corporate culture.

What is the purpose of our Code of Ethics?

The purpose of our Code is to provide guidance to all our employees and partners on the conduct of our Company in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

The Code of Ethics recognizes and harmonizes the moral principles, the Laws of our country, the regulations applicable to our Company, and is disseminated with the conviction that all of us who collaborate in it, have acquired a conviction that allows us to commit ourselves to exemplary ethical conduct.

Who must follow the Code?

This Code is generally applicable to everyone, including employees, area managers, directors of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS, as well as its suppliers and contractors in the scope of their relationship with our Company.

How to apply the Code?

Applying the ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS Code of Ethics is the job of all of us who are part of the Company, for this purpose an organizational structure has been implemented to ensure that the established principles are respected, promoted and managed throughout the organization.

It is the duty of General Management and Department Heads to apply the Code personally and with their team, to ensure that the Code is actively distributed, understood and followed in their department.

How to take care of the implementation of our Code of Ethics?

One of the questions that may arise is how do we know if we are in compliance with the Code or not, or how do we comply with the Code?

The Code does not attempt to address all laws, regulations, policies or circumstances that affect ethical conduct. We must use common sense and good judgment in determining appropriate conduct. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to know everything, so if you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of the ethical implications of an action, you can ask yourself the following questions that will give you an idea of whether or not you are complying with the code.

Is what I am going to do consistent with the Code?Is it ethical?
Am I being fair and honest?
Are my actions legal?
Do my actions speak well of me and the company?

If the answers to these questions are “NO”, then the action to be taken is not correct.

If you have any doubts, you can always consult with your immediate supervisor or a director of the company, who will be able to tell you the correct course of action in a given situation.

Our commitment to the Code of Ethics

It is everyone’s responsibility to respect and abide by the Code, regardless of their position or area of work.

All new employees must read the Code and sign an acknowledgment of receipt indicating that they have understood it and that they are committed to comply with the Code.

When for any reason there is a modification or update to the Code, all department heads and employees must sign an acknowledgment of receipt indicating that they have read and understood the Code.

Area managers have the duty to inform the human resources manager if they become aware of any non-compliance with the provisions of the Code.

Our Code does not allow for retaliation.

Avoiding violations of the Code is not just about obeying company policies. We believe that working with integrity and treating others with respect fosters a culture that supports innovation and helps us all succeed.

It is everyone’s duty to report any suspected illegal, fraudulent or unethical activity, always acting in good faith and with the firm intention of preventing actions that go against the company’s Code of Ethics. Compliance with the Code is very important to our company and we will not tolerate retaliation against any person who reports, in good faith, non-compliance with the Code.

Reprisals and retaliation are considered a violation of the Code.

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