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Troubleshooting – GX400 Interface

GX400 Known issues

We built the GX400 interface from Erbessd Instruments with the best technology. This to ensure efficient and easy communications between your accelerometers, optical sensors, and DigivibeMX. However, there are some known difficulties that may cause problems with the first installation. Here, we will show you how to early solve these issues.

Audio configuration

The GX400 interface is configured to be identified as an audio device for Windows manager. To be more specific, as a microphone. This allows the continuous flowing of information and vibration data, keeping every measurement to be accurate and noise-free.
Some times, Windows will set the GX-400 as a default recording device and this might cause some problems with a variety of programs. If this happens, Digivibe will have difficulties to distinguish actual vibration data from noise. To avoid this from happening you just need to right-click on the sound icon in your taskbar, and click sounds (or sound management). Finally, click microphones and change the default device to any other but the GX-400. 

Power issues

It should be noted that Windows devices, especially laptops or tablets, change the configuration setting for USB powered devices. Since the GX-400 needs the full capability of the USB port, it’s important to change this configuration for the correct functioning of the interface. To achieve this you need to do the following:  

  • Go to Device Manager
  • Open Universal Series Bus
  • Right Click on the first device shown on the list and click Properties
  • Go to Energy management
  • Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device”
  • Repeat for every device

NOTE: Some devices might not have this feature, but since there is no way to know which will, it’s necessary to check everyone.

Windows Updates

As stated in the technical information about Digivibe, our system works with Framework 4.6.1 and sometimes Windows Updates change the configuration settings of this feature.
It’s well known for our team that the Updates 1903 and 1809 might change some important characteristics that allow Digivibe to work properly; subsequently, not only the interface but every aspect of Digivibe might present difficulties. To easily solve this problem, just update your computer to the latest version of Windows and let the updater install everything it requires.

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