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Soft Bearing Suspensions for Balancing Machine – SBS 2000

Balance up to 2000kg with SBS-2000High precision at a very low cost.

Features & Advantages

SBS-2000 is a balancing support kit intended to provide you a way to build your own balancing machine at a very low cost with very high performances.

For a better contact between the shaft and the SBS-2000, the rolling elements have a swing system with a pitch up to 10 degrees, this way the SBS-2000 get aligned automatically with the shaft to prevent distortion on the shaft’s rolling superficies.

SBS2000 Shaft dimension

Between the roller’s work supports and the Soft Bearing Suspension, there is a lifting screw with ½ inch range to allow the rotor’s axis to be in horizontal position. This feature allows independency among planes for 2 plane balancing.

The SBS-2000 can support up to 2,000 kg (1,000 kg each support) and with its 2 roller positions they allow shaft diameters of 228 mm (9 in). They also have an elevator screw to adjust the position in case the rotor track supports have different diameters up to 38 mm (1.5 in).

SBS-2000 are designed with centered bearings for stable rotor support.

  •  Strong Roller Supports.
  •  Easy Installation.
  •  Lock System.
  •  Elevation Screw.
  •  Compatible with accelerometers

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