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Improve the performance of your equipment with original accessories and spare parts


Electronic Supplies

GX400 Interface

4 channel interface with 5-pin LEMO connectors for 3 to 4 accelerometers and/or 1 optical laser sensor.

Includes USB power supply cable.
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Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer

Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer

Triaxial WiFi accelerometer with 5-pin LEMO connector for an individual accelerometer or for an optical laser tachometer (5V).

Includes USB charging cable.
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Optical Sensor

Optical Sensor

Laser Optical Sensor designed in Nylon, integrates a voltage regulator, amplifier and anti-aliasing filter.

Easy to use, includes protection system against short circuits, over-voltage supply and voltage inversion. Designed for indoor and outdoor works.

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1-axis Accelerometer

1 axis ICP Accelerometer

Accelerometer with a sensitivity of 100mV/g made of stainless steel with anti-aliasing filter, for indoor and outdoor works. Short-circuits, over-voltage and reverse voltage protection.

Its neodymium magnetic base is powerful to fix it in flat or rounded surfaces.

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3-axis Accelerometer

ICP Triaxial accelerometer

Triaxial Accelerometer with a sensitivity of 100mV/g made of stainless steel for indoor and outdoor works. Includes anti-aliasing filter, powered with 18-30 VDC and 3-8 mA constant current.

Powerful neodymium magnets to fix it in flat or rounded surfaces.

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Weight Scales

  • Accuracy 0.01g
  • Units G/ CT/ OZ/ OZT/ DWT/ GN
  • Display LCD 5 digits blue backlight
  • Power supply 2 AAA batteries
  • Inactivity turn off 3 minutes
  • Low battery alarm
  • Operation Temp. 10-40°C
  • Tare Function
  • Net weight 120 g
  • Dimensions 114 x 76 x 20 m

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Calibration Device

Calibrator device

Cables & Extensions

cables and extensions

Connection Adaptors

connection adaptor

Software Upgrades

software upgrade

Mechanical Accessories & Replacements

Negative Load Supports

Negative Load Support

It’s an accessory required when balancing rotors are mounted on cantilever and/or to secure rotors with high levels of vibration, like crankshafts.

Each support includes bearings and has adjustable height. Its dimensions may vary depending on the bearing suspensions.

Axial Supports

axial support for balancing machine

Designed to limit the axial rotor’s displacement on Balancing Machines. It has 2 axes to adjust shaft’s length from the supports.

They include the mounting base to the balancing pedestal, an axial and radial arm and a rolling element at the tip.

Transmission Belts

transmision belt

Pulleys Kits

Pulley Set for EI-2000


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