For over thirty years the Erbessd family of companies has been leading the industry in providing intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic balancing, Coupling Alignment, shaft alignment & vibration analysis, products that make our customers’ jobs easier. Rugged, repeatable, & relentlessly reliable Erbessd products exceed industry recognized standards & more importantly exceed our customers standards.

There’s finally a choice in Vibration Analysis, Machine Alignment & Dynamic Balancing that doesn’t consume your budget. Our systems are based on the familiar Microsoft Windows® operating system, and operate in a fully rugged & industrial tablet form factor. Offering advanced features such as Cross-Channel Phase & ODS (Operational Deflection Shape) out of the box without any added costs, our products are built to delight.

Collectively the Erbessd team is focused on designing, developing, and delivering scientific investigation equipment utilized to improve the reliability of rotating equipment.

DigivibeMX®, EI-WiSER ™ & the EI-Series, EI-Tech, & EI-Alignment families of products are known world wide for their ease of use and undeniable accuracy.

Erbessd – Masters of Machine Health™